Recap: Google Introduces Manufacturer Center, Apple Wants to Deliver Ads Based on Your Account Balance

It’s Monday and time for our weekly recap. Last week, we heard about the new Manufacturer Center introduced by Google, as well as about Apple filing a patent application for delivering ads based on a user’s account balance.

Google Enables Brand Manufacturers to Upload Authoritative Product Data for Product Listings

Google introduced its new Manufacturer Center for brand manufacturers. The idea is to enrich product listings across Google (including and Google Shopping) to help shoppers make more informed buying decisions. The new formats can include rich and consistent product information, such as images, descriptions, and variants.

Manufacturer Center
Source: Inside AdWords

We’ve also recently reported in our article “Recap: Google Testing Shopping Features, Facebook Changes CPC Calculation, AOL Eyes Mobile Ad Network” on tests using these new rich formats, giving an example of a “Canon Mark III” camera.

Before you break out the champagne, remember that only manufacturers can set up a Manufacturer Center account. Google defines manufacturers “as brand manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers of own-brand products who manufacture products and own the licensing rights to that product”. So, if you’re a retailer selling your own brands, you can enrich your product ads by uploading product data in a Manufacturer Center. Consequently, the Manufacturer Center is not for retailers who sell products from other manufacturers. Such retailers or advertisers still have to work with the Merchant Center only. However, the latter can still benefit from this as long as the manufacturer of brands they’re selling sets up a Manufacturer Center himself.

Right now, the Manufacturer Center is only available for manufacturers who distribute their products in the United States. Those interested can reach out to Google by completing the interest form. A Google rep will then reach out to you with next steps.

Apple Filing a Patent Application for Delivering Ads Based on Users’ Account Balance

The week before last, Apple applied for a patent named „Method and system for delivering advertisements to mobile terminals“. The news has now reached Western Europe, with several German sources reporting on it.

The patent abstract says:

“Goods and services are marketed to particular target groups of users sharing a common profile which may be selected to increase the likelihood of the users responding to the advertisements and purchasing the advertised goods and services. The common profile of users may be based on the amount of pre-paid credit available to each user.”

To break this down, Apple might implement a targeting solution enabling advertisers to track the status of a users’ credit or debit card and deliver mobile ads about certain products to people who actually have the money to buy those products, thus decreasing spreading losses.

This new patent might yet be another step by Apple to become more active in the advertisement sector. A few weeks ago, we reported on the iOS 9 ad blocking system and how Apple is going to reactivate iAds (see “Recap: iOS 9 Adblocker and Google’s New Shopping Feed Specification”)

If, when, and how this really comes about is yet to be seen. More information about the new patent can be found at


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  • Alexander Paluch

    Highly interesting: will the Manufacturer Center help to solve the
    problem with messy product feeds? Daring to look into the future: Your
    feed’s main contents will consist of a GTIN, retail price and landing
    page. And Google will become the central price comparison engine.