Recap: Google Launches New SERP for Tablets and Tests Split Language Interface

It’s time for our weekly recap. Last week we heard about Google rolling out a new layout for the results page on tablet, and testing a split language view interface for mobile users.

Google Launches New Search Results Interface For Tablets

Last week Google quietly rolled out some significant changes to the layout of the results page for tablet users. The new design and layout is noticeably different from the previous version.

Here’s some screen-shots of the new layout, courtesy of

Recap: Google Lanuches new SERP for Tablets and Tests Split Language Interface
Recap: Google Lanuches new SERP for Tablets and Tests Split Language Interface

You will notice that the results are displayed on cards, much like you would see on mobile. The Paid Ads seem to have more white space around the text which makes them stand out more, while the big green INSTALL buttons are likely to help advertisers drive app downloads.

Google Testing Split-View Language Interface

Google has been testing a new way to show multiple languages on the results page. Keen eyed searcher in India spotted the test in action last week. Here’s a screen-shot:


The view shown in the screen-shot gives the search the option the choose between seeing results in English or Indian language. If successful, it’s likely that this view could be rolled out in any territories where there is a high number of people who speak two languages.

According to, a Google spokesperson commented, “We’re always experimenting with the look and feel of our products but have nothing to announce.”


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