Recap: Google Testing Shopping Features, Facebook Changes CPC Calculation, AOL Eyes Mobile Ad Network

It’s Monday and time for our weekly recap. Last week we heard about additional tests on Google Shopping ads, Facebook changing the way it charges for clicks, and AOL looking into buying mobile ad network Millennial Media.

Google Continues Testing Low Price Alerts Within Google Shopping Ads

Google already experimented with price messaging in Shopping ads in the past, e.g. the price comparison feature we told you about last week. CommerceHub just found another price-related PLA test:

Großartiger Preis Google Shopping
Source Screenshot: CommerceHub

The message in the line below the retailer’s name says “Great price”. In this example, it seems to replace ratings stars, as they appear in the two ads next to it. Google will continue playing around with low price alert messaging in PLAs as holiday season is approaching.

In addition, TheSEMPost has spotted a hybrid ad that’s being tested in the USA:

Google Shopping Hybrid
Source: TheSEMPost

It’s the biggest ad ever seen on Google, consisting of a Google Shopping ad and information from the Knowledge Graph. According to TheSEMPost, these ads only appear when users search for very specific terms such as Canon Mark III. It’s a good thing that Google is testing so many new features and types, although I’m note sure this one will prevail. It offers a lot of useful information on the product, but leaves no place for other ads.

Facebook Changes its Way of Charging Ads Based on CPC and Releases Ads Manager App for Android

Last week, Facebook announced its update of how Cost per Click (CPC) is measured. From now on, Facebook is “updating the definition of cost per click (CPC) […] to only include clicks to websites and apps, and not likes, shares and comments.” As a result of this change, some campaign reporting metrics related to clicks may look different and CPC may increase – making the click more valuable – while CTR will decrease. Nonetheless, advertisers will profit from the change as CPC and CTR values get much more realistic and marketers will be able to better align campaigns according to their goals.

In addition, advertisers will have the chance to look into their CPCs and CTR using the Ads Manager App for Android. Although the Ads Manager was announced in February, the app only became available in the Google Play Store last week.

AOL is Looking Into Buying Mobile Ad Network Millennial Media

AOL recently called a lot of attention to themselves, e.g. by closing a deal with Microsoft, launching its ad platform One or being taken over by Verizon Wireless. Techcrunch now reports on a possible acquisition of mobile ad network Millennial Media for approx. $300 to $350 million. As a reason for AOL to become more active in the mobile ad market, Techcrunch states that:

Part of the reason for AOL’s and Verizon’s interest in mobile advertising is because this is where the growth is: as the number of smartphones and tablets has continued to expand, so has consumers’ usage of mobile apps and mobile web-based services. That has had a large knock-on effect on the mobile ad market.


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