Recap #18: Hypothesis on Ad Impression Decline and Google’s Fashion Trend Reports

Monday: the day for our weekly recap. News of the last week included an interesting article on the decline of ad impressions and weakening of click growth as well as Google’s fashion trends.

Hypothesis: Is Google Showing Fewer Ads Per Search?

Search Engine Land columnist Mark Ballard discussed the decline of ad impressions and weaker growth rate of clicks within paid search. After looking at several data sources like Google’s earnings report as well as reports from his own and other companies, he wasn’t able to come up with a final answer to the question. One of his hypothesis is that “Google may actually just be showing fewer ads, even when accounting for the shift from text ads to Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and from desktop to mobile.” Another consideration could be the close variant matching, which Google made mandatory back in September 2014. “This could have led to increased competition for any given query and driven impressions lower.” Somehow or other, without Google revealing more insights, we will never know for sure what happened.

Google predicts fashion trends

Everyday, Google counts millions and billions of search queries for fashion-related topics or products. Google is now using this data to predict fashion trends. To do so, the company not only uses the search queries, but also geo data and additional search behaviour. The first Trend Report for spring fashion has been published (US only), naming tulle skirts and jogger pants as the top trends. In general, Google announced two reports a year. In the end, the reports might only serve as an indicator for search behaviour given their lack of conversion data.


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