Recap: New Innovations for GDN and Retailers Set to Increase IoT Spend

It’s time for our weekly recap. Last week we heard about some new innovations for the Google Display Network, and a new study claiming retailers are set to spend 2.5 billion dollars by 2020.

New Innovations for Google Display Network

Last week Google announced some exciting new innovations for the Google Display Network. The first of which is Audience Insights, which gives advertisers aggregate information about people on their remarketing lists, including demographics, interests, locations, and device usage. The information is available within the AdWords interface, meaning advertisers can take action based on the information there and then. The information provided within Audience Insights can help advertisers to narrow down their targeting or adjust their messaging to better appeal to the audience they are reaching.

Recap: New innovations for GDN and IoT ad spend set to soar for retailers
Souce: Inside Adwords

The second innovation for GDN is a change to the way advertisers are charged for their display advertising. Soon, the GDN will be one of the only media platforms where advertisers will only pay for impressions that we viewable, meaning ads below the fold or on hidden tabs will not be charged as impressions.  The upgrade from CPM to viewable CPM (vCPM) will be gratefully received by advertisers who are likely to save a significant percentage of their advertising budget which would have been wasted.

The third GDN innovation announced by Google involves enhancements to the ad formats. GDN ads will now be automatically re-shaped and re-sized to fit all device types, meaning advertisers will be able to reach their target audiences in a wider range of places. Google also said “Ads are also touched up to look great on any mobile or desktop site, or app. For example, if your logo is predominantly blue and yellow, AdWords may use these colours to shade the border and background of your ad. We’ll even try out varying colour combinations and use the ones that drive the best performance”. Google say that advertisers will have full control over these changes. However we wont be surprised if Google’s opinion of ‘touched up’ differs from some of their advertisers.

Retail Spend on Internet of Things to Quadruple by 2020

Recent research has suggested retailers are set to increase spend on the Internet of Things technologies. The paper, The Internet of Things: Consumer, Industrial & Public Services 2015-2020, was released by Juniper Research. The research found that

“leading retailers using the IoT to generate an ‘ecosystem’ are poised to gain market advantage and truly capitalise on the opportunity. Linking the hardware elements of RFID tags, beacons and connected consumer electronics, such as wearables, with software analytics promises in-depth business insight and an enhanced customer experience”.

This trend will lead to an estimated spend of $2.5 billion in hardware and installation costs, according to the new data. Which is a fourfold increase over this year’s estimated $670 million spend.


James Pomeroy

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