Recap: iOS 9 Adblocker and Googles New Shopping Feed Specification

It’s Monday, it’s time for our recap. Last week brought some concerning news for advertisers in terms of Apple’s new operating system iOS 9, which might block mobile ads in Safari. On top of that, we heard about updates in Google’s product feed specifications and product taxonomy, as well as celebrated the premiere of the ‘New Platform Advertising’ conference.

New Operating System iOS 9 Blocks Mobile Ads in Safari

Shocking news for advertisers: Apple’s new operating system iOS 9 has the capacity to block mobile ads in Safari, as The Verge reports. The new version will contain extensions for Safari that block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other web content.

Safari is currently one of the leading mobile browsers: according to Betanews, Safari accounted for 55% of US mobile and tablet internet usage in March. But Apple makes almost no money from the web. So what might be Apples masterplan? Some might think they want to improve user experience, making the weg ad-free. Others however think Apple is trying to undermine the entire web in order to make apps more attractive. Why should they? Because Apple has a lot of control over the app world due to their App Store and they make money when people buy their digital stuff from the App Store. This move might also be influenced by iAd, Apples ad platform, which has recently been kind of reactivated.

Hence, it remains to be seen which effect blocked mobile ads will have on search engine marketing.

Google’s New Shopping Feed Specifications and Product Taxonomy

Last week, Google informed about changes in the Shopping Feed Specification and Product Taxonomy which require certain changes in your product data that need to be implemented by September.

According to Google, “the goal of these changes is to create a richer experience for customers searching for your products online and to simplify the process of providing information in your feed”. Among these changes are stable numeric Google Product Category IDs as well as expanded Shipping requirements to Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Japan. For a detailed list check out Google’s AdWords Blog entry.

New Platform Advertising: A Conference for Promosing Platforms

The German city of Hamburg was host to the first ever „New Platform Advertising“ conference. Instead of looking at big platforms like Google, the conference focussed on new, emerging marketing platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat or Instagram. We have summarised the most important trends for you:

  • Platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat have an enormous growth. Nordstrom USA already has more traffic coming via Pinterest than via Facebook.
  • These platforms have a greater focus on branding than transactional marketing, seamlessly integrating with the users context. Sponsored content works as an important multiplier on Snapchat and Twitter while sponsored Pins on Pinterest are like Native Advertising.

  • These platforms try to establish long-term relationships with theirs users by introducing a buy button.

  • Product Advertising will intensify on Twitter and Pinterest.

  • eCommerce via instant messengers is ubiquitous all over Asis, e.g. via Wechat.


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