Recap: TrueView for Shopping, Mobile Ads for Nearby Shops, First Tweets in Google SERPs, Zalando & Anatwine

It’s time for our weekly news recap. In the last week, hot topics included new shopping ads for YouTube, as well as mobile ads for location-related search queries, the first tweets in Google SERPs and Zalando’s invest in Anatwine.

Google Launches Shopping Ads for YouTube

As VentureBeat reports, Google is currently introducing a new feature for its YouTube video ads: TrueView for shopping. Within the next few months, advertisers will be able to promote their products to potential customers directly via ads in videos.

The idea is similar to Google Shopping ads: you have to connect the video campaigns in AdWords with a Merchant Center Feed and Google dynamically places ads for relevant products.

Google Shopping Ad
Source: VentureBeat

New Mobile Ad Format for Local Advertisers

These days, Google is quite active when it comes to new ad formats for mobile devices. According to Search Engine Land, Google recently announced a new format for “nearby businesses”. What does this mean? For example, if you search for “nearby auto repair”, advertisers now have the option to become part of the search results by placing paid ads.

Google Screenshot of nearby ad
Source: SearchEngineLand

For your ad to appear – currently you can place up to four ads – advertisers need to activate location extension. On top of that, the ads will contain a link for directions and a call button. Presumably, the new format will take over for text ads. Considering that location-related search queries have doubled in the last year, 80% of these coming from mobile devices, this seems a sensible step to take.

Twitter-Google Deal Initiated: First Tweets in Google’ Results Pages

At the beginning of the year, Google and Twitter decided to collaborate in terms of placing tweets on trending topics in Google’ results pages, and recently started to put these plans into practice. Currently, only users in the United States can see tweets via mobile apps or mobile internet – a desktop version is still under way. Twitter is hoping to generate additional traffic, while direct monetisation is not part of the cooperation.

This news flash is probably of no further relevance for advertisers promoting their products on Google. We are, however, curious to see when, where and how often these tweets will appear and how they impact the ad space of paid search ads. Current trends might, in fact, overlap with key terms related to advertising (e.g. “new MacBook”) while the space on Google’s results pages is already quite limited.

Zalando Invests in British Startup Anatwine reports that German online pure player Zalando secured strategic shares in British software integration startup Anatwine. The partnership will “provide current and future brand partners with a highly customized and reliable integration solution enabling them to sell their merchandise through the Zalando platform.” As a result, Zalando can expand its product variety without having to invest in more warehouse locations as brands are in control of their stock and can directly connect to the customers through the platform.

This investment is part of Zalando’s venture strategy for high-tech companies to build an ecosystem that provides everything – from personalised ads to individualised products. Most recently, Zalando took over adtech startup metrigo.


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