RLSA For Google Shopping Released

- Luke Metcalfe

Highly-anticipated Remarketing for PLA rolled out across all AdWords accounts


Have you noticed the new remarketing feature in your Shopping campaigns?

Google hasn’t officially announced it yet, but it is there. You’ll find the Audiences tab of your Shopping campaign featuring the same remarketing options as for your text ad campaigns now:


Google silently snuck this out of beta, so we’re not sure if we should call it RLSA for Shopping, or PLA remarketing, or possibly RLPLA?

However, we’re very excited about remarketing for Shopping as we’ve been waiting for it ever since remarketing lists for search ads have turned out to be one of the most efficient additions to AdWords we’d seen in a long time.

Are you going to start boosting your Shopping KPIs using remarketing right away? Or can you think of any reason not to?

New to RLSA? Don’t worry, we’ll post a complete guide to RLSA strategy here for you very soon, just make sure you keep in touch! 


Luke is a Content Marketer at Crealytics


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