Savant eCommerce: a Promising Event for Online Retailers

The savant eCommerce Congress, which offers online retailers an additional platform to share their experience, took place for the first time this year in Berlin’s Kalkscheune. Invitations went out to many decisive players in the field, though sadly, a number of seats remained empty. Nonetheless, the presentations and panel discussions gave plenty of hope, that this format can be established for the long term among this target group. I’d like to offer you a short look into two of these presentations.

Mytheresa: Data-Driven Sales Approaches with Remarketing and Product Descriptions

Heiko Eckert, head of online marketing at Mytheresa, shared insights into the current status of data-driven customer approaches. Information from their internal CRM builds the foundation for the development of customer profiles, which allow for individualized approaches over a variety of channels. Eckert presented two concrete uses:


  • Customers who primarily shop during sale events are targeted less often.
  • Customers who avoid products with animal fur are not shown any such products through remarketing.

Product Descriptions:

  • New customers and unidentified visitors see a general product description, such as “This piece has many uses and is ideal throughout the year.”
  • For existing customers, recently purchased products and the time spent viewing other items come into play. For example, for a certain customer, the product description could say, “This piece goes great with sandals and works well with shorts,” if the customer in question has recently purchased sandals and viewed various pairs of shorts.

Google’s Future Prospects: Networked Devices to Reach 8 Billion by 2020

Grant Allen, Principal Architect at Google, offered an interesting peek into the future. He sensitized the conference participants to the fundamental change guaranteed by the worldwide increase in networked devices.

Between now and 2020, the number of online, data-generating devices will increase from 2,8 billion to 8 billion. Classical technical limits will continue to disappear: computing capacity, storage space, and even data availability. As a result, more and more everyday items will become “smart,” able to record and transmit their location and condition.

Retailers will soon be able to answer the question “What does my customer want at this exact moment?” – and they will have to. Allen gives the green light regarding privacy concerns, as anonymized data can also fulfill this purpose. Still, the criticism remains that personalized data will become even more valuable in the future.


Torsten Christ

Torsten Christ has worked intensively with Paid Search since 2010 and has actively helped shape the company's development. As head of Campaign Management, the online-marketing enthusiast leads a team of 30 employees who are responsible for the conception and implementation of online marketing campaigns for some of Europe’s largest online retailers.