SEMChucks roundhouse kick

There seems to be a new kid in town. Or – should we say – a new kid in town stopped waiting. SEM companies beware: Here comes Chuck Norris!

Just in case this link doesn’t provide any funny content any longer, have a look at this screenshot:

Actually, if you follow the ads link, you will find tweets like this one:

Chuck, wherever you are (I know, you are everywhere): you made my day!


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    Da hat wohl jemand zu viel Geld 🙂 Der gute Chuck ist immer noch auf Platz 1. Möchte nicht wissen, was das kostet…

    Die neusten Twitters:
    ef claims to have a bidding technology that works. The truth is that I role the dice every night at 12 o’clock
    3:13 AM Jan 21st via web

    Showed Google how Adwords works 😉
    5:32 AM Jan 20th via Netvibes