“We are Google Germany!”

We are Google

How companies rip off clients by abusing their status as Google Certified Partner

A few weeks ago, I got a call from someone who introduced himself as Mr. C., GOOGLE (mumblemumblemumble) GERMANY. It took me a while to find out who he was and why he was calling me. He started to explain to me some basics about SEO and I listened to him patiently. Again and again he stressed that they were “the” Google Certified Company in Germany, so I asked him what this meant.

“What exactly do you mean: ‘You’re a Google Certified Company?'”

He explained to me that Google was not a German company, that the European headquarters were located in Dublin, Ireland – and that he was kind of the German representative of Google. He admitted that there were two or three other Google Certified Partners in Germany but – so he emphasized – they were the biggest!

But the best part is still to come. He went on (remember, the call was about SEO): “Formerly, you had to pay Google to get to the top positions (sic!). So only the big companies had a chance to afford it. But now, Google decided to give the small business a chance as well.” And of course, he was the one who could help me with that.

At the first moment, I really didn’t know if I should get angry or burst out in laughter. I decided to tell him that I was an online marketing professional myself and that he should stop telling me this nonsense.

I know that some 10 years ago there were a lot of black sheep in the SEO and PPC business, and that the one thing our business had in common with investment counseling was its bad reputation. It makes me feel ashamed that still today there are companies out there that try to rip off people with tricks like that. Can’t you see that you’re doing it on the cost of everyone else in this branch, everyone who is trying to set up a serious and responsible business?


Andreas Meyer

Andreas Meyer has been an PPC specialist since 2009. In the years since, he has been in charge of accounts of all sizes among diverse industries. As of 2014, he works as a PPC analyst in the Business Intelligence division. His areas of expertise are PPC account optimization and Google Shopping.