Slideshare: Using Predictive Bidding to Escape the Seasonal Trap

On April 16, I published a detailed entry entitled “How to Escape the Seasonal Trap Using Predictive Bid Management” here on our blog. The article examines the challenges of seasonal bid management and provides insights about different strategies that we have followed here at crealytics in order to overcome those difficulties.

On the same day, I was given the opportunity to give a presentation at the SEA camp in Jena on this topic. Please find below the slides of my presentation on “Using Predictive Bid Management to Escape the Seasonal Trap”. Of course, the slides don’t hold as much information as the blog entry, but they might still give you a nice summary of the subject matter. Have fun browsing!


Gerrit Phil Baumann

Gerrit Phil Baumann is a Senior Online Marketing Manager (9PPC/SEA) who started with crealytics back in 2010. As a seasoned PPC pro, he successfully ran campaigns across almost all industries ranging from Europe’s top tier fashion retailers, to furniture, wine & spirits, and B2B electronics. When not breathing performance metrics, crunching data, or thinking about powerful ad copy, Gerrit is out with his camera as a passionate street photographer.