Looking Forward: SMX London 2017

- Luke Metcalfe

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It’s funny to think merely a month ago, we were in San Jose for SMX West and that in just a few short weeks, we will be in the world’s #1 financial center for SMX London. Despite this, we can hardly contain our excitement, as we quickly learned these two days are a compulsory double shot espresso of all the must-knows and how-tos in AdTech. At the conference, we felt a resonating buzz—the enthusiasm to join heads with others from vastly different backgrounds, yet equally passionate (and eager to share!) about search. It would be an understatement to say we had a hell of a time sharing insights with some of the most knowledgeable experts in SEM, on the hottest topics of this year.

….which we’d like to share with you! To get an overview of the highlights, check out our SMX West recap, where our CEO Andreas Reiffen sat down with Kirk Williams, Elizabeth Marsten, Brad Geddes, David Szetela, Todd Bowman, Purna Virji, and Matt Van Wagner to dive into their world of PPC.

From our end, Andreas had the opportunity nerd out a bit on his favorite topic, Google Shopping, where he answered the burning questions we all find ourselves asking about this black box:

  • How should current changes in the Google Shopping economy affect my approach?
  • What impact does price have on performance and ranking?
  • How should I test my Google Shopping product images?
  • How can I ensure my product titles are performing?

Luckily for you, he took the time to summarize his presentation and overall experience at SMX, accessible via this link.

With the London conference just around the corner, Andreas will again be speaking, this time delving into ad optimization. Considering the rate of development changes in adtech, a lot can happen in two months. We truly look forward to catching up with this amazing community.

If you are interested in joining us, sign up! Contact us directly for a discount code.

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