SMX Munich 2016: Key Insights

This year SMX Munich took place from 17th to 18th March at the ICM in Munich. The two day conference was all about SEM and offered a wide range of 60 Sessions, 6 workshops and 8 theme tracks with more than 80 speakers about SEO, SEA, Analytics, Mobile, Social Media and many other topics. crealytics not only attended the conference but our CEO and founder, Andreas Reiffen, held a very insightful presentation about one of the hottest topics for today`s top online retailers: Google Shopping.

Read on for some key insights of this year’s conference.

Google Shopping

The Google Shopping session covered a number of interesting topics like the evolution of product ads and their interaction with Search, the outlook and hidden potentials of Google Shopping as well as a series of insightful analyses.

The main takeaways of the presentation evolved around the following topics:

  • The evolution of product ads and the reasoning behind it
  • The exponential growth of mobile PPC budgets spent on Google Shopping
  • The interaction of Shopping, Search and other channels
  • The opportunities of managing inventory with Google Shopping
  • Insights on how pricing and competition influence revenues
  • Implications for advertisers

Stay tuned for a more detailed entry on this topic!

Other interesting sessions covered the topics of attribution modelling, large scale PPC management and automation, PPC account structure, international strategies, and the increasing importance of mobile.

Attribution Modelling

This session discussed the importance of understanding the user journey and which channels the customers touch on the way to making a purchase. Choosing the right attribution model is of utmost importance in order to get the best out of each marketing channel.

Large Scale PPC Management & Automation

The session around large scale PPC management and automation explained how to better manage a large scale PPC account, what organisational structures and automation processes are needed to not get lost in a huge data volume. Christi Olsen (Microsoft) gave insights about the most important factors of account structure, hierarchy, keyword management and expansion, ad copy templates, scripts and automated rules. As for Bing, she also suggested to use the Bing Ads Intelligence tool to quickly search for new keywords, get bid suggestions or traffic information data.

International SEM – is your International Strategy and Structure Correct

Another topic discussed the challenges of handling an international business and running online campaigns in more than one country. Some of the potential road blocks for marketers if not taken into consideration when internationalising, such as local currency, payment methods, religion, politics, search engines, local keyword research, ad messaging and many more.

The Importance of Mobile

Various sessions of the conference also covered the increasing meaning of mobile devices and the importance of the user experience. One of the sessions by Cemal Buyukgokcesu, a conversion specialist from Google, informed the audience about mobile must-haves like optimised homepage visibility on mobile devices. Quick loading times, simple mobile optimsed homepages, optimisation for natural touch points (areas on mobile devices which can be reached comfortable in the natural) and the implementation of cross-device tracking can leverage this channel` success.


To sum it up the two day SMX conference in Munich covered a variety of highly relevant topics & gave great insights into what important changes we have to expect in the near future. The selection of the topics was perfect for both beginners and professionals in the SEM field. Due to the combination of sessions, workshops, boot camps, tracks and the practical focus the SMX Munich is a conference which is definitely worthwhile to attend.



Jacqueline Gruber

Jacqueline is an online marketing enthusiast with 3+ years experience in PPC. She is responsible for managing and implementing online marketing campaigns for big online retailers across multiple markets.