SMX West 2016 in San Jose: Key Insights

This year, the SMX West conference took place between March 1st-3rd in San Jose, CA. The conference was all about search and included a SEM track as well as a SEO track. The wide range of topics covered included dynamic search ads, advanced audience targeting, Excel hacks for online marketers, and many more.

There were some great takeaways for all of the PPC nerds in the audience. The following review will give you a short overview of some of them.

The Future of Search – Voice Assistance?

The conference started with an introduction by Behshad Behzadi about the future of search, which builds on intelligent assistants such as voice search. In the future, this intelligent assistant will become a common a way for customers to conduct searches in a world where mobile devices are becoming more and more important, a voice assistant is the easiest way to conduct searches.

Creativity & Emotional Connections

The first day covered some interesting topics about ad copy. The main emphasis was on the fact that creativity rules when it comes to ads, and that we should rather think about the people behind the ads than about best practices. Creating emotional connections between your product and the customer is key. Repetition is also a way to support this connection: the more you reinforce a message and the more consistent it remains across all channels, the stronger the bond to your customer will be.

Advanced Audience Targeting

An insightful track provided insights into advanced audience targeting. The most important feature in this field, which got everybody excited, is the customer match that Google released toward the end of 2015. This feature opens up a lot of new possibilities to target your audience even more precisely.

Prevent Losing Impression Share to your Competition

On the third day, a track about how to analyze competitors showed how important it is to understand what your competition is up to and how this can influence your own performance. It’s important to consistently know what you’re competing against in order to prevent losing impression share to your competition.

One size never fits all!

The main takeaway from the conference was that one size never fits all! This applies to ads and audience lists, but also to the way you look at your data when searching for improvements. In a world where there are 500 million unique searches per day, it’s essential to know who your visitors are and to advertise to them accordingly!

All of the slides that were presented at the conference can be found here. I highly recommend scrolling through them, as you’ll certainly find some interesting topics to read about.


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