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5 Tips for Running Promotions in Paid Search

Properly promoting sales offers both opportunities and challenges to PPC teams. They are a great way of attracting new customers and revenue, however when improperly managed, promotions can result in a lot of wasted spend. Useless traffic and high CPCs, combined with lowered margins can lead to losses. So, when approaching promotions, keep the following in mind:

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OMKB 2016 – Key Insights

  • Most interesting learning: Snapchat was hyped as a promising portal to expand companies’ reach towards younger audiences and to introduce products and special advertising!
  • Most useful advice: DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns are a nice and easy tool for internationalisations and to cover the long tail section of your accounts!
  • Key takeaway: Extremely wide range of online products, rapid availability and shorter delivery times raise consumer expectations towards getting any product at any time!

Read on for a full summary of the event!

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SMX Munich 2016: Key Insights

This year SMX Munich took place from 17th to 18th March at the ICM in Munich. The two day conference was all about SEM and offered a wide range of 60 Sessions, 6 workshops and 8 theme tracks with more than 80 speakers about SEO, SEA, Analytics, Mobile, Social Media and many other topics. crealytics not only attended the conference but our CEO and founder, Andreas Reiffen, held a very insightful presentation about one of the hottest topics for today`s top online retailers: Google Shopping.

Read on for some key insights of this year’s conference.

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d3con – How Online Retailers Monetise Traffic Beyond Sales

This year’s highlight for online retailers at the d3con, a conference dedicated to Display Marketing in Hamburg, was without any doubt the panel discussion „Distributors becoming publishers and marketers“.

Marketers from Amazon, Zalando, eBay and others discussed a question that is as simple as compelling: how can online retailers monetise their website traffic beyond sales?

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etailment Google Analytics Conference Vienna

Data is Power, Data Enables Progress

The Google Analytics Conference is the largest event in the DACH region exclusively dedicated to the topic of Google Analytics.

This year’s conference provided great insights for those with all levels of expertise with detailed workshops on how to use the basics, to advanced discussions on data governance and ownership.

A total of 25 speakers held 30 presentations in 15 sessions and 8 workshops on Google Analytics under the slogan “Three days accumulated knowledge and trends in e-commerce and analytics.”

Read on for an overview of the highlights of this year’s conference.


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SMX West 2016 in San Jose: Key Insights

This year, the SMX West conference took place between March 1st-3rd in San Jose, CA. The conference was all about search and included a SEM track as well as a SEO track. The wide range of topics covered included dynamic search ads, advanced audience targeting, Excel hacks for online marketers, and many more.

There were some great takeaways for all of the PPC nerds in the audience. The following review will give you a short overview of some of them.

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Take your AdWords Scripts to the next level – Part 1

As experienced PPC managers we love AdWords Scripts. By using JavaScript in our AdWords accounts, we can automate multiple tasks and save ourselves valuable time. 


In this post series, we will show you how to use a completely free tool stack that will take your AdWords scripting efforts to the next level. The first part of this blog post will give you a good overview and take you through the first steps, whereas the next parts will explain each tool in more details, with examples.

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How To Generate Hot Results in Cold Weather

Over the weekend, the US East Coast was hit by blizzard ‘Jonas’. Two feet of snow hit some of the most populous areas of the USA, affecting over 50 million people.

The question was: Will these weather conditions change the behaviour of shoppers during the weekend and with an increased number of people at home would they spend more time online?

Crealytics put this to the test by implementing bid-adjustments across affected states based on reports from NASA and other sources. Here we will provide details on the method and results, along with tips on how to implement this in your own campaigns.

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