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How To Generate Hot Results in Cold Weather



Over the weekend, the US East Coast was hit by blizzard ‘Jonas’. Two feet of snow hit some of the most populous areas of the USA, affecting over 50 million people.

The question was: Will these weather conditions change the behaviour of shoppers during the weekend and with an increased number of people at home would they spend more time online?

Crealytics put this to the test by implementing bid-adjustments across affected states based on reports from NASA and other sources. Here we will provide details on the method and results, along with tips on how to implement this in your own campaigns.

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Improve Your AdWords Campaign Performance Using Advanced Campaign Experiments


Digital advertisers are always trying to find new ways to achieve better performance. When working with large accounts with thousands of keywords and hundreds of campaigns, you won’t want to risk a drop in performance by testing new strategies on the whole account. Therefore, you test them on a small portion of your traffic, before rolling the changes out if the test is successful.

To help with this, AdWords released AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE). This blog post will introduce some of the possibilities offered by this tool, as well as provide a practical guide to setting up an experiment.

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What Type of Landing Page Performs Best for Product Related Keywords?

Test: What Type of Landing Page Performs Best for Product Related Keywords?

Choosing the right landing page to direct the traffic from your PPC campaigns to is extremely important, particularly for online retailers. The wrong landing page could cause users to leave an online store without converting. Additionally, AdWords will calculate the quality scores of your keywords partly based on the relevance of the content on your landing page, which directly influences click costs. Consequently, optimizing the landing pages you direct your visitors to will have a direct impact on key efficiency metrics such as ROAS or ROI.

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