This Week in Search: click-to-text, location ads and mobile prioritization

The world of search marketing moves fast! To keep you up-to-date with the latest news, product releases, and industry updates, we’ve collected the most interesting articles from the past week. Consider this your cheat sheet to current events.

October 14 – 21

Google AdWords click-to-text message extension is coming out of beta

AdWords brings in a conversational user interface into AdWords and takes a step towards dialogue-driven marketing . When will they bring bots into the game?

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For manufacturers selling in retail chains, Google launches affiliate location ad extensions

Google introduces a new way for manufacturers to connect with searchers.  Google not only opens up AdWords to an underserved market but also continues to aggressively insert itself into markets that Amazon has difficulty serving.

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Google is Splitting its Search Index, Prioritizing Mobile over Desktop

The split will see Google’s index broken into a rapidly updated mobile version, and a desktop version which will not be updated as frequently. This could lead to Google delivering better mobile-optimized content to people searching on smartphones.

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Google Shopping partners with e-commerce platforms to make selling online easier than ever this holiday season

Google announced partnerships with three major e-commerce platforms – BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento – to make it easier for retailers to submit product information to Google Shopping.

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