Usability in GWT RIAs

Ben from Summa Technology + Business has a nice summary of things you might consider before even starting your GWT app. Among those things is how the Back Button is going to work. Ben recommends to define what he calls “views” which could be tabs in a window or the Inbox view in Gmail. Ray Ryan recommends to think about history management in advance as well in his famous GWT Best Practices talk. We don’t have any history management in our GWT application yet and from an agile/lean development point of view, I would like to defer this decision to the latest responsible moment. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but should’nt some history events sent over the event bus be sufficient to trigger deactivated presenters (all presenters that do not explicitly know that this history event triggers them to show) to unbind themselves and their views and activated ones to bind themselves? If so, history management could be added on demand with feedback from the product owner. If not, we might be running into problems or be forced to throw out history all-together.


Martin is developing a bid management solution for crealytics. He is also a long-term meditator and interested in neuro-feedback.

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