What’s new in Bing Ads this July?

Bing Ads

One could say that silly season has reached Bing Ads as well. This month there are ‘only’ three new features which I’m briefly going to summarize for you.

Create insertion orders online

If you are using invoice billing for your Bing account, you can create an insertion order in Bing Ads to pay your bill.

Source: Bing Ads

From now on you can create and manage your insertion order completely online. All insertion orders will be processed quickly and automatically and there is no more emailing, faxing, or waiting.

New bid estimates

The ad position is determined by many factors such as bid, relevance or CTR. Bing made it easier for advertisers to get their ads in the best positions.

Source: Bing Ads

From now on, there are three new columns on the keywords tab. These columns will give advertisers an estimate of the bid needed to get their ads displayed on the mainline, best position and first page of search results. But attention: the estimates do not guarantee the predicted ad position.

More help with displaying your ads

Your ads might be eligible for display, but sometimes there are certain indicators that they won’t perform well. Therefore, Bing Ads added two new delivery statuses: “Low quality score,” which indicates that your ads might not display as often as desired due to a low quality score, and “Low supply”, which tells you that this particular keyword is not searched for often and impressions might be low.


Maximilian Hainlein

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