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CLV-centric advertising

Master The Measurement

Paid media strategies that align advertising
execution with enterprise profitability

Measure customers, not transactions

Hunting after any conversion is irresponsible ad spending. Mastering the measurement means changing the conversation surrounding search, social, and programmatic from valuing transactions to valuing the customers.

From short to long-term view

Just like any investment, ad spend should drive long-term value. Data Activation makes this transparent in performance reporting and investment decisions.

From top to bottom line

Revenue and ROAS are one-dimensional metrics for eCommerce success. Including margins, returns and cost-of-sale figures provides a holistic view of transactional value.

From conversion to customer

Search, social and programmatic excellence: Crealytics brings operational expertise to every one of your campaigns.

Solve retail biddable media challenges
with Crealytics' data activation engine

The smartest campaigns start with precision and accuracy

Pinpoint customer values rely on precise calculations. We measure the exact value of every customer engagement, and then determine their contributed value after returns. Finally, we add a predicted lifetime value to their order margin. This reflects expected repeat purchases.

Activate campaigns with
actual values

We can now reassign value according to your most important user interactions or touchpoints. All conversions flow into our systems, where we can activate campaigns in the relevant platform (e.g. Facebook) and ultimately optimize customer lifetime value.

Elevate strategic
decision making

Get cross-channel reporting and insights through a customer-facing dashboard. Forecast customer value over multiple timelines, assess channel analytics and drill down on continuous incrementality testing.

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