Machine Learning and Campaign Automation designed to drive retail performance and deep insights


Our technology goes beyond automation, giving us access to advanced automation strategies that take campaigns to the next level.

Query Segmentation

Keywords and queries are the key. We use semantic algorithms to develop and maintain a high-performance campaign structure, leveraging search intent for more precise control.

Competitive Price Intelligence

Price competitiveness impacts performance. We leverage competitor price signals in bid management—and offer suggestions on product pricing. This helps you boost both profits and customer acquisition.

Scarce Data Bidding

Using an AI-driven semantic database, we build aggregations of low-traffic, long-tail keywords. This calculates accurate bid (and budget) levels for high and low traffic sections.


Our technology helps us automate campaign management’s “heavy lifting”. This frees us to pinpoint any opportunities for improvement or growth you may have.

S-curve Bid Management

Product ad bids are elastic in a small value range. Our machine learning algorithms understand diminishing marginal returns and prevent overbidding.

Feed Title Optimization

Product titles are the new keywords. We use real-world search terms to semantically enrich them. This gets your product ads in front of more people (and ties intent to impression share).

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Focus on device-driven behavior. Our algorithms can automatically adapt campaign structure to calculate and apply precise device-modifiers.

Granular at the Campaigns Level

We build a highly granular ad group and campaign structure. How? By grouping similar keywords and products...and building relevant keyword clusters. This results in less keywords and products per ad group, yielding performance improvements across the campaign.