Incrementality + Attribution

Determine True Value
With Incrementality Testing

Close the gap between attribution reporting
and actual results

Discover paid media's true impact

Performance numbers rarely tell the truth. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your attribution model is; it can’t tell you which portion of your search, social, and programmatic spend can be reined in without losing conversions. Crealytics’ approach to incrementality testing ensures every dollar drives maximum impact. 

Report true performance

The right thing is often the hardest to do. We’re here to help you establish incremental metrics to make sure you’re getting the maximum reward for all your marketing effort. Get ready to test, report and optimize for impact.

Identify new-to-file customers

Incremental value goes hand in hand with new customer conversions. Let our Data Activation engine acquire more high-value customers for you.

Make smarter investments

Start investing smarter. We blend media budget modeling with incrementality and Customer Lifetime Value. Then we execute against it.

Incrementality Case Study

Measuring for incrementality makes Facebook Ads 90% more effective

Crealytics ran a randomized controlled experiment to compare the attribution system ROAS against incremental impact – with surprising results.

AirBnB, Adidas and EBay: How Stopping Spend Opened Doors to a Whole New Advertising Strategy

With retail advertising overwhelmed with data points from across the spectrum, the question is no longer about data access, but about data literacy.

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