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On-Site Retail Media Report

Sponsored products share is the #1 driver of revenue in retail media. Download Crealytics Sponsored Products Benchmark Report and discover the top 10 Retail Media Networks sponsored product tactics including:

Grow your sponsored product revenues by 5x while improving customer experience

Quality Customer Experience

Irrelevant ads that annoy shoppers remain a top concern for retailers. Our solution uses your ranking and personalization logic to make sponsored products as relevant as organic listings.

Less Friction, more ads

Cut out keywords, planning, and ad inventory limits. Crealytics SSP optimizes every page view in real time, serving as many super- relevant ads as you decide. It’s automated across the whole site.

Access to more budgets

Our technology grants you access to the world of agency budgets - and to demand from smaller brands. And it’s risk-free because your existing partners can continue to run their campaigns without any changes.