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Why Lifetime Value is the Most Important Metric in eCommerce

If you were one of the kids who sat in algebra class, half paying attention, wondering when you would ever use what you are learning – it’s time to dust off those algebra skills. In eCommerce, we spend a lot of time sifting through a long list of metrics. Conversion percentages, new …

Jennifer Gimson | Sep 14, 2017

Business Modeling

How competitive intelligence can maximize your ROAS

Digital advertising spend in retail eclipses all other industries, but at such a substantial cost, everyone selling online wants to know how they can boost their return on ad spend (RoAS). eMarketer reported in 2016 that retailers spent $16 billion on paid digital advertising and forecasted that …

Angelica Valentine | Aug 15, 2017

Business Modeling

Why Lifetime ROI is the only metric that (really) matters in search marketing

A unified approach to search marketing campaigns is essential to know how much you should be investing in retention vs new customer acquisition. Here's a look at each of the factors that contribute to Lifetime ROI…

Johannes Tarnow | Jun 20, 2017

Business Modeling

Why top retailers are investing more in Google Shopping than Text Ads (and you should too)

Google Shopping is more popular among shoppers — and marketers — than ever before. In 2016, retailer spending on Google Shopping ads grew 36% compared to 2015. In the US and UK, spend on Google Shopping has already surpassed that of Text ads. And this increase shows no signs of …

Jennifer Gimson | Mar 31, 2017

Business Modeling

The ultimate juggling act: how to set your PPC budgets for the year

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move” – Henry Rollins In the world of performance advertising, spring is the right time to ‘move’ in many regards: while winter keeps us busy with peak season, spring provides the opportunity to review previous strategies, …

Irene Kögl | Mar 29, 2017

Business Modeling

8 ways small retailers can compete with retail giants using Google Shopping (via Search Engine Land)

Think you’re too small to benefit from Google Shopping campaigns? Think again! Columnist Andreas Reiffen has some advice for smaller retailers looking to improve their Product Listing Ads. As a small, niche retailer it can seem daunting (almost pointless) to invest too heavily in Google …

Andreas Reiffen | Mar 27, 2017

Business Modeling

Why PPC is the perfect way to expand into new markets

Launching a new international market is a challenge every growing company will face sooner or later. Knowing where, when and how to launch are all keys to making sure your international growth is a success. Marketing has a key role to play when entering new markets. It’s their responsibility …

Jörn Seiler | Mar 9, 2017

Business Modeling

Numbers aren’t everything: How to find the right Attribution Model for you

Accurately attributing sales to your marketing activities is one of the most important – and difficult – jobs of a Digital Marketer. There are so many paths a customer could take to reach your purchase page, and not all of them are easy to measure. Even if you just focus on the digital …

James Richardson | Feb 8, 2017

Business Modeling

Guide to Bid Management in Google Shopping

How much should you bid in Google Shopping? This is one of the most important questions digital marketers face when managing any PPC campaign. Bid too low and your products won’t get chosen. Bid too high and you’ll waste money on irrelevant traffic that doesn’t convert. Striking …

Antje Lewerenz | Dec 22, 2016