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What is the relationship between PPC and SEO in eCommerce?

Many eCommerce companies treat Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as entirely separate categories. In most setups, you’ll find completely separate teams for each: unique operations with limited interaction. After all, each remains a distinct discipline requiring different…

Luke Metcalfe | Jun 15, 2018

Business Modeling

How to Collect and Harness Data…and Improve eCommerce Personalization

eCommerce professionals value the importance of personalization. Its use in eCommerce marketing makes customers more likely to buy from a retailer, increases conversion rates of product pages, and helps customers develop more positive feelings about a brand. However, personalization requires data to…

Luke Metcalfe | Jun 6, 2018

Business Modeling

The Power of Effective Referral Programs (and how to run them)

There are few eCommerce marketing tactics more reliable and beneficial than referral marketing. Also known as word-of-mouth marketing, referral marketing is simply the practice of buying products based on the opinions, influence, or referral of someone that has bought that product in the past. We&…

Luke Metcalfe | Jun 1, 2018

Business Modeling

How to Encourage Product Reviews on Your Website

You have lots of exciting product pages. But how do you convert casual visitors into eager buyers? It’s one of the most important goals for eCommerce businesses, and there are few aspects more influential than customer reviews. Surveys have shown that online reviews influence 90 percent of …

Luke Metcalfe | May 21, 2018

Business Modeling

Strategies for Increasing your Average Order Value

In the eCommerce industry, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales, retain customers, and improve the conversion rates of your product pages. Sadly, eCommerce companies often focus too much on driving new traffic and generating new buyers. In fact, they could increase their revenue …

Luke Metcalfe | May 9, 2018

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5 of the Most Critical Key Performance Indicators in eCommerce

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. For eCommerce companies, having a strong understanding of your internal metrics can help you spot issues early, as well as identify areas for improvement. But tracking data is only helpful if you track the right metrics. Of course, you’ll …

Luke Metcalfe | May 3, 2018

Business Modeling

How Retailers Can Bridge The Gap Between Digital and In-Store Interactions

For shoppers, the line between online and offline experiences has become increasingly blurred. As more retailers implement new technology and practices that help to bridge the two, they set new standards in their wake. Consumers have begun to expect that their online interactions with brands will …

Luke Metcalfe | Apr 19, 2018

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5 Tech Trends that Will Reshape Retail In the Next Decade

The retail industry is changing at a rapid speed. As consumers shift their spending habits toward digital mediums, retailers have looked to establish a competitive edge—and give customers more reason to shop with them. Over the next decade, several emerging technologies could play a key role …

Luke Metcalfe | Apr 11, 2018

Business Modeling

How Retailers Can Prepare for Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments

Shoppers increasingly rely on their smart devices. They use their phones to research products, read customers reviews, and compare prices between locations. In the near future, they will do the same to make payments at cash registers. Mobile payments aren’t a new idea. They have been a source …

Luke Metcalfe | Apr 4, 2018