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7 Critical eCommerce Metrics for Optimization and KPIs

The top eCommerce companies are laser-focused on metrics, using them to inform strategy, provide better products, deliver customer service, and grow. Selling online without keeping a close eye on your KPIs is a lot like trying to run with your eyes closed — you might get to where you want to …

Luke Metcalfe | Dec 7, 2017

Business Modeling

How to Use Google Showcase Shopping Ad Campaigns (and why they matter)

“40 percent of shopping searches are on broad terms…so they turn to search to discover and explore…” – Google study (2015) If you sell things online, the chances are you’ve heard of Google’s product ads. You’re probably familiar with their display …

Luke Metcalfe | Dec 4, 2017

Business Modeling

Strategies for Staying in Touch With Your Customer Post-Sale

For eCommerce companies, your ability to attract new customers and keep them coming back plays the largest role in your company’s success. Acquiring new customers is expensive. On average, it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, compared to retaining an existing one. A five …

Luke Metcalfe | Nov 29, 2017

Business Modeling

How to choose the best KPIs for your eCommerce Business

When you run an online store, there are literally a thousand key performance indicators to measure. Keeping track of all of it, while necessary, can make your head spin after a while. However, these KPIs can paint a picture of how your store is doing, where your customer’s biggest pain points …

Whitney Blankenship | Nov 23, 2017

Business Modeling

The Holiday Season Presents Big Opportunities and Risk for eCommerce Companies

The holiday season presents big opportunities for eCommerce companies and retailers alike. The months of November and December represent the biggest spending months of the year and, as a result, many companies place a lot of focus on executing during these months. As they should. A poor holiday …

Luke Metcalfe | Nov 21, 2017

Business Modeling

The Importance of Competition Monitoring

ECommerce is growing 23 percent year-over-year, and that growth means increased competition. Every day each category has new entrants in the form of new eCommerce companies and established brands branching out. It is more important than ever to ensure that you are keeping a close eye on your …

Jennifer Gimson | Nov 1, 2017

Business Modeling

Why Lifetime Value is the Most Important Metric in eCommerce

If you were one of the kids who sat in algebra class, half paying attention, wondering when you would ever use what you are learning – it’s time to dust off those algebra skills. In eCommerce, we spend a lot of time sifting through a long list of metrics. Conversion percentages, new …

Jennifer Gimson | Sep 14, 2017

Business Modeling

How competitive intelligence can maximize your ROAS

Digital advertising spend in retail eclipses all other industries, but at such a substantial cost, everyone selling online wants to know how they can boost their return on ad spend (RoAS). eMarketer reported in 2016 that retailers spent $16 billion on paid digital advertising and forecasted that …

Angelica Valentine | Aug 15, 2017

Business Modeling

Why Lifetime ROI is the only metric that (really) matters in search marketing

A unified approach to search marketing campaigns is essential to know how much you should be investing in retention vs new customer acquisition. Here's a look at each of the factors that contribute to Lifetime ROI…

Johannes Tarnow | Jun 20, 2017