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Price Integration

eCommerce Inventory Optimization Tips — How to Use Data to Buy and Sell the Right Products

In eCommerce, proper inventory planning and management is at the heart of all success. Your inventory is your lifeblood. You’ve paid money up front to carry products, and that money doesn’t come back until you’ve sold them. That means that ensuring that you are buying and storing …

Luke Metcalfe | Nov 14, 2017

Price Integration

How Product Advertising Can Improve Inventory Management

In eCommerce, both product advertising and inventory management play vital roles in the health of a company. Often these vital components are treated as separate processes, but companies have a lot to gain from unifying their product advertising and inventory management operations. Companies with …

Luke Metcalfe | Oct 3, 2017

Price Integration

The New Price Elasticity Model Everyone Should Be Using

The traditional understanding of Price Elasticity focuses on the influence of product price on sales of a particular product. But price also strongly impacts Google Shopping performance – which is used by most online retailers to acquire new customers and maximize Customer Lifetime Value …

Alexander Paluch | Sep 12, 2017

Price Integration

Understanding Price Elasticity in eCommerce

Choosing the right price for each product can be a difficult task. Following our last post on dynamic pricing, it seems important to cover price elasticity, which plays a huge role in price optimization in e-Commerce. If you’ve ever taken an Econ 101 course in college, you have probably …

Luke Metcalfe | Aug 31, 2017

Price Integration

What is Dynamic Pricing and Why is it Important?

Dynamic pricing is an e-commerce and retail strategy that applies variable pricing instead of the more typical fixed pricing. As more data is analyzed, optimal prices for items are calculated. The time between price changes depends upon the business and item, but can be as often as every day, or …

Luke Metcalfe | Aug 24, 2017


3 Reports to Optimize Your Procurement Strategy

Are you buying too much stock, stuck with deadstock, purchasing the wrong products, or pricing products ineffectively? In order to refine your procurement strategy, you should be tracking all of these aspects. TradeGecko recommends these three reports (Yield Management, Inventory Turnover, and …

TradeGecko | Aug 21, 2017

Price Integration

Get the product price right for Google Shopping

New Crealytics feature: Price Advisor Google Shopping takes product price transparency to a new level. Unsurprisingly, people tend to click on the cheaper product when the same product is sold by multiple retailers. This human tendency, means that Google’s learning algorithms will often …

Alexander Paluch | Jun 30, 2017

Practical PPC

How to determine price competitiveness in product advertising

As we covered previously, how your price compares to that of your competitors has a huge impact on the success of your Shopping campaigns. Price your products too high and Google will display them lower in the paid results or refuse to show them at all. Price too low, and you lose margins – a<…

Andreas Reiffen | Jun 27, 2017

Data & Market Insights

The role of price on Google Shopping performance

Naturally, product price has an impact on everything in eCommerce, but when it comes to Google Shopping this impact is incredibly severe. A simple 5% increase in price produced a whopping 60% drop in clicks while keeping the bid stable. It certainly appears as though impressions and clicks in …

Andreas Reiffen | Jun 25, 2017