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Product Advertising

This Is How You Shrink Cart Abandonment Rates

Cart abandonment rates affect eCommerce companies of all sizes. They’re no laughing matter. Losing sales to abandoned carts can be an aggravating experience, particularly as cart abandonment rates begin to climb. You may struggle to eliminate abandoned carts altogether. However, there are …

Luke Metcalfe | Aug 7, 2018

Business Modeling

Strategies for Increasing your Average Order Value

In the eCommerce industry, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales, retain customers, and improve the conversion rates of your product pages. Sadly, eCommerce companies often focus too much on driving new traffic and generating new buyers. In fact, they could increase their revenue …

Luke Metcalfe | May 9, 2018

Business Modeling

Why eCommerce Businesses Should Consider Pinterest Advertising

Social media users love Pinterest. In late 2016, the company announced it had more than 150 million active users. The network consists primarily of a picture board that has become a home for fashion, recipes, do-it-yourself projects and interesting products that convey well through images. In early …

Luke Metcalfe | Mar 13, 2018

Practical PPC

3 Best Practices for Dynamic Remarketing Ads

With Audience Targeting dominating the foreseeable future of Search Engine Ads, familiarizing yourself with Retargeting Options may be useful. Dynamic Remarketing Ads can massively improve your performance by allowing you to help build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back, who may have…

Luke Metcalfe | Jul 25, 2017

Practical PPC

The Key to Good Product Feed Management

So, you have this fantastic e-Commerce website to sell your products on, but you are also want to sell your products to buyers through the PLAs (Product Listing Ads). How do you get started? Lucky for you, the technology that manages the products on your website, can usually be repurposed to drive …

Colleen Friess | Jul 15, 2017

Practical PPC

Go Beyond Standard RLSA lists

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads have always had an important role in the optimization process ever since their release in 2012. Every PPC manager worth his salt, has spent many an hour playing around with list definitions and using them as a bid modifiers. As marketers, those lists make our lives a…

Şevki Argalıoğlu | May 30, 2017

Practical PPC

Benchmark your Google Shopping Remarketing Performance with this simple script

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) and Customer Match have been proven to drive incremental revenues of 18% or more. At Crealytics, we’ve seen many accounts and we developed a few rule-of-thumb benchmarks that give us an idea of how much potential we can unleash by fine-tuning the …

Alexander Paluch | May 30, 2017

Practical PPC

How to check your RLSA configuration

It is crucial for every PPC manager to properly set up audience lists and their bids. Unfortunately, since there are various targeting criteria with infinite possibilities, it’s easy to make mistakes during the audience creation process. Our tests suggest that used correctly, bid modifiers on …

Şevki Argalıoğlu | May 30, 2017

Practical PPC

A printable cheat sheet to essential RLSA and Customer Match audiences

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) and Customer Match have proven to drive incremental revenues of +18% and more, all while keeping ROAS stable. One important key to making Audience Remarketing for Google Shopping work is to know which essential audience lists you should define and use. At …

Alexander Paluch | May 30, 2017