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Five Questions to Help You Navigate the Social Trifecta

If you’re in digital marketing, you know about it. If you’re a marketing diva, you probably named it. The Social Trifecta. Cue the lights! And the trumpet players. The social trifecta is the convergence of three entities within Social Media: Owned, Paid, and Earned. To be clear, this …

Luke Metcalfe | Jul 21, 2017

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eCommerce Café: Andy Taylor

At SMX Advanced, we spoke with Merkle’s Assistant Director of Research Andy Taylor, who also spoke on the Mad Scientist panel with our founder Andreas. Catch the full interview behind the scenes, where Andy weighs in on the future of Google’s roadmap, KPIs to prioritize, and the reality …

Luke Metcalfe | Jul 17, 2017

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eCommerce Café: Frederick Vallaeys

Last month  we attended the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle…meaning we also had the pleasure of digging into the state of Product Ads and eCommerce with Adwords evangelist and Optmyzr CEO, Frederick Vallaeys. Check out the full interview below. Direct Youtube link. To stay tuned …

Luke Metcalfe | Jul 13, 2017

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Bridging the gap between Marketing and Merchandising

Some may call the concept of the 4Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Place, Promotion – outdated, but every iteration that adds more complexity to the Marketing concept just reinforces how crucial it is that these four elements work together. However, what the 4Ps comprehensively describe…

Luke Metcalfe | Jul 4, 2017

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Voice search becomes voice action: A key talking point at SMX London – Search Engine Land

From combining search and social to leveraging moments that matter, last week’s attendees at SMX London gained a deeper understanding of the numerous ways they can optimize their search strategies. Described as the “ultimate survival guide to the dynamic and tumultuous world of search …

Andreas Reiffen | Jun 15, 2017

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Same buzzwords, different meaning: How data is finally catching up to the in-store experience

Crealytics visited RBTE (Retail Business Technology Expo) this week, held in London’s historic Kensington Olympia venue on 8th and 9th May. Online marketers instantly felt at home amongst the 360 exhibitors and up to 17,000 visitors, similarly, the aspiring eCommerce executive was well catered…

Luke Metcalfe | May 12, 2017

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What Google’s Q1 2017 Earnings Report means for the retail sector

Yesterday, Google’s parent company Alphabet released their earnings report for the close of Q1 2017. As we predicted, Alphabet’s revenues rose 17% between 1Q16 and 1Q17.  Much of that revenue boost is likely due to the 53% rise in clicks on paid advertising – no surprises …

Luke Metcalfe | Apr 28, 2017

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The automation revolution in online marketing: a brief overview

“By 2017, CMOs will spend more on technology than CIOs.” – Laura McLellan, Gartner Today, in the age of automation and machine learning, data and technology play a major role in driving business. It might feel as though it all happened overnight, but in recent years the face of …

Luke Metcalfe | Apr 20, 2017

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Crealytics eCommerce Café: Kirk Williams

At the SMX West 2017 Conference in San Jose, we had the opportunity to interview Kirk Williams, Owner of ZATO Marketing, about the current and upcoming trends in all things SEM. Full interview, below…

Luke Metcalfe | Apr 16, 2017