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Business Modeling

Reliable eCommerce Promotional Strategies that Grow Sales

For growing eCommerce companies, finding reliable promotional strategies to grow (and measure) their sales can be a struggle. Running successful sales might provide revenue bumps, but it rarely leads to sustainable, long-term improvement. Fortunately, promotional marketing strategies exist to grow …

Luke Metcalfe | Feb 13, 2018

The State of Google Shopping

Google’s “Purchases on Google” Program Strengthens its eCommerce Credentials

Google has always been coy about its long-rumored move into eCommerce and retail. The corporation’s head of search ads dismissed questions at SMX Advanced 2015 – when the first iterations of the “Buy Now” button appeared in search results. According to Jerry Dischler, the …

Luke Metcalfe | Feb 6, 2018

Business Modeling

5 Tips for Improving Personalization in Your eCommerce Marketing

Customers want to buy products from companies that understand them. According to Accenture, 75 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that knows their name and recommends options based on previous purchases. In fact, according to a study by Infosys, failing to provide …

Luke Metcalfe | Jan 30, 2018

Shopping How To's

Email Marketing: Best Practices For Retail Stores

Nothing offers a more reliable way to connect with your customers on a regular basis than email. As a retailer, having a consistent connection to your customers is important for growing your customer base and building true brand advocates. Email represents the preferred method of communication for …

Luke Metcalfe | Jan 23, 2018

Business Modeling

Identifying Products to Sell…and Finding the Right Product-Market Fit

Perhaps you are a new retailer looking to nail down your product lines. Maybe you’re a veteran retailer looking to shake things up. Either way, the process of choosing which products to sell is arguably the most important one in your business. The items you put on your shelves (and offer on …

Luke Metcalfe | Jan 16, 2018

Business Modeling

5 Tips for Creating a Cohesive Omnichannel Customer Experience

For retail companies, there is nothing more important than customer experience. According to a study by Gartner, 89 percent of companies will compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. A large part of that experience comes from a company’s ability to provide a clean, consistent …

Luke Metcalfe | Jan 9, 2018

Business Modeling

eCommerce Shipping Tips — Moving Your Products Profitably

Did you know that shipping costs are the number one reason for cart abandonment? Freight speed, costs, and reliability are a huge priority for customers. Shoppers care about a range of related aspects, including total cost, the order threshold for free shipping, and how quickly the item will arrive…

Luke Metcalfe | Jan 3, 2018


Facts and Festivities Day 12 – Navigating the Amazon (Ads)

Every now and then, something comes along and alters the status quo. For transport – the engine. For medicine – penicillin. And for retail? Amazon. We won’t be the last to discuss the Amazon effect. With the holiday rush in full swing though, it’s worth highlighting again. …

Luke Metcalfe | Dec 22, 2017


5 Ways Internet of Things Tech Will Reshape Retail

The rise in eCommerce has given the retail industry a shift unlike any other time in its history. While big box stores hustle for position in a rapidly changing omnichannel landscape, technology continues to rapidly drive new retail innovations. Chief among them will be the Internet of Things (IoT) …

Luke Metcalfe | Dec 21, 2017