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5 of the Most Critical Key Performance Indicators in eCommerce

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. For eCommerce companies, having a strong understanding of your internal metrics can help you spot issues early, as well as identify areas for improvement. But tracking data is only helpful if you track the right metrics. Of course, you’ll …

Ryan Bozeman | May 3, 2018


PPC Hero’s Top 25 is coming…#VoteForAndreas 2018

We need your votes Each year, PPC Hero puts its highly esteemed list to the vote. The Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts of 2018 closes this Wednesday. If you haven’t already, you can still #VoteForAndreas. Just follow the link below and spread the word:…

Ryan Bozeman | Apr 23, 2018

Business Modeling

How Retailers Can Bridge The Gap Between Digital and In-Store Interactions

For shoppers, the line between online and offline experiences has become increasingly blurred. As more retailers implement new technology and practices that help to bridge the two, they set new standards in their wake. Consumers have begun to expect that their online interactions with brands will …

Ryan Bozeman | Apr 19, 2018

Business Modeling

5 Tech Trends that Will Reshape Retail In the Next Decade

The retail industry is changing at a rapid speed. As consumers shift their spending habits toward digital mediums, retailers have looked to establish a competitive edge—and give customers more reason to shop with them. Over the next decade, several emerging technologies could play a key role …

Ryan Bozeman | Apr 11, 2018

Business Modeling

How Retailers Can Prepare for Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments

Shoppers increasingly rely on their smart devices. They use their phones to research products, read customers reviews, and compare prices between locations. In the near future, they will do the same to make payments at cash registers. Mobile payments aren’t a new idea. They have been a source …

Ryan Bozeman | Apr 4, 2018

Business Modeling

Becoming a Digital-First Retailer in 2018

Any retailer with one eye on the future should opt for a digital-first strategy. Many successful brands, including Neiman Marcus, have already done so. Why? To better anticipate customer behaviors and engage with them on a deeper level. In a digital-centric world, customers expect websites to …

Ryan Bozeman | Mar 27, 2018

The State of Google Shopping

Okay Google, fight Amazon.

While Amazon turns into an advertising company, Google breaks into eCommerce. What started with the Buy button and Google Express has continued on a bigger scale. Just cast your eye on its recent announcement introducing Shopping Actions. Using search and voice, shoppers can put the products of …

Alexander Paluch | Mar 19, 2018

Business Modeling

Why eCommerce Businesses Should Consider Pinterest Advertising

Social media users love Pinterest. In late 2016, the company announced it had more than 150 million active users. The network consists primarily of a picture board that has become a home for fashion, recipes, do-it-yourself projects and interesting products that convey well through images. In early …

Ryan Bozeman | Mar 13, 2018

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Crealytics Celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

Every March 8, the world honors International Women’s Day (IWD): a celebration of women’s achievements—whether cultural, political, economic or otherwise. This year, IWD highlights the need for society to #PressforProgress. In an industry sometimes guilty of being male-oriented, …

Ryan Bozeman | Mar 8, 2018