Bridge the gap between
Marketing and Merchandising

Connect product advertising with price and inventory to drive performance


Practical PPC

The Key to Good Product Feed Management

So, you have this fantastic e-Commerce website to sell your products on, but you are also want to sell your products to buyers through the PLAs (Product Listing Ads). How do you get started? Lucky for you, the technology that manages the products on your website, can usually be repurposed to drive …

Colleen Friess | Jul 15, 2017

News & Trends

eCommerce Café: Frederick Vallaeys

Last month  we attended the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle…meaning we also had the pleasure of digging into the state of Product Ads and eCommerce with Adwords evangelist and Optmyzr CEO, Frederick Vallaeys. Check out the full interview below. Direct Youtube link. To stay tuned …

Mallory Chen | Jul 13, 2017

News & Trends

Bridging the gap between Marketing and Merchandising

Some may call the concept of the 4Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Place, Promotion – outdated, but every iteration that adds more complexity to the Marketing concept just reinforces how crucial it is that these four elements work together. However, what the 4Ps comprehensively describe…

Jörn Seiler | Jul 4, 2017

Price Integration

Get the product price right for Google Shopping

New Crealytics feature: Price Advisor Google Shopping takes product price transparency to a new level. Unsurprisingly, people tend to click on the cheaper product when the same product is sold by multiple retailers. This human tendency, means that Google’s learning algorithms will often …

Alexander Paluch | Jun 30, 2017

Practical PPC

How to determine price competitiveness in product advertising

As we covered previously, how your price compares to that of your competitors has a huge impact on the success of your Shopping campaigns. Price your products too high and Google will display them lower in the paid results or refuse to show them at all. Price too low, and you lose margins – a<…

Andreas Reiffen | Jun 27, 2017

Data & Market Insights

The role of price on Google Shopping performance

Naturally, product price has an impact on everything in eCommerce, but when it comes to Google Shopping this impact is incredibly severe. A simple 5% increase in price produced a whopping 60% drop in clicks while keeping the bid stable. It certainly appears as though impressions and clicks in …

Andreas Reiffen | Jun 25, 2017

Business Modeling

Why Lifetime ROI is the only metric that (really) matters in search marketing

A unified approach to search marketing campaigns is essential to know how much you should be investing in retention vs new customer acquisition. Here's a look at each of the factors that contribute to Lifetime ROI…

Johannes Tarnow | Jun 20, 2017

News & Trends

Voice search becomes voice action: A key talking point at SMX London – Search Engine Land

From combining search and social to leveraging moments that matter, last week’s attendees at SMX London gained a deeper understanding of the numerous ways they can optimize their search strategies. Described as the “ultimate survival guide to the dynamic and tumultuous world of search …

Andreas Reiffen | Jun 15, 2017


Looking Forward: SMX Advanced

Seattle, we are coming for you! Our team couldn’t be more excited to speak and exhibit at the 2017 SMX Advanced conference, which will be held June 12-14 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center. This is a conference that cannot be missed, as the industry’s most prominent …

Mallory Chen | Jun 1, 2017