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Crealytics Celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

Every March 8, the world honors International Women’s Day (IWD): a celebration of women’s achievements—whether cultural, political, economic or otherwise. This year, IWD highlights the need for society to #PressforProgress. In an industry sometimes guilty of being male-oriented, …

Luke Metcalfe | Mar 8, 2018


Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger: SMX West Returns!

SMX West, 2018 March 13 – 15, San Jose Convention Center Get the latest expertise on all things AdTech, including a talk by Crealytics’ founder and C.E.O, Andreas Reiffen. As with every year, this event promises a spectrum of search-aficionados from lots of different backgrounds. Expect …

Luke Metcalfe | Mar 6, 2018


Amazon 101: An Overview of the Company’s Product Ranking Algorithm

For many online retailers, optimized searches for Amazon have more importance than Google. Get this. Amazon has three times the search volume for products. Listing items on the platform? You’ll need to get them to the top of the platform’s search results (in relevant categories) to drive…

Luke Metcalfe | Mar 6, 2018

Business Modeling

3 Examples of Experiential Retail Marketing that Drove Crowds and Sales

Ecommerce’s rise has changed how physical retailers interact with their customers. Malls around the world struggle to attract new vendors. Anyone can log in to Amazon and find what they want in a few minutes. This has forced the “brick and mortars” to get more innovative. The last …

Luke Metcalfe | Feb 27, 2018

Business Modeling

How to Make the Most of Your Fastest Selling Products

How do you make the most out of your best-selling products? For small and mid-sized eCommerce companies, seeing a handful of products make up the bulk of their revenue isn’t unusual. Of course, this isn’t an ideal situation. But for many eCommerce shops, it’s a reality. You should …

Luke Metcalfe | Feb 20, 2018

Business Modeling

Reliable eCommerce Promotional Strategies that Grow Sales

For growing eCommerce companies, finding reliable promotional strategies to grow (and measure) their sales can be a struggle. Running successful sales might provide revenue bumps, but it rarely leads to sustainable, long-term improvement. Fortunately, promotional marketing strategies exist to grow …

Luke Metcalfe | Feb 13, 2018

The State of Google Shopping

Google’s “Purchases on Google” Program Strengthens its eCommerce Credentials

Google has always been coy about its long-rumored move into eCommerce and retail. The corporation’s head of search ads dismissed questions at SMX Advanced 2015 – when the first iterations of the “Buy Now” button appeared in search results. According to Jerry Dischler, the …

Luke Metcalfe | Feb 6, 2018

Business Modeling

5 Tips for Improving Personalization in Your eCommerce Marketing

Customers want to buy products from companies that understand them. According to Accenture, 75 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that knows their name and recommends options based on previous purchases. In fact, according to a study by Infosys, failing to provide …

Luke Metcalfe | Jan 30, 2018

Shopping How To's

Email Marketing: Best Practices For Retail Stores

Nothing offers a more reliable way to connect with your customers on a regular basis than email. As a retailer, having a consistent connection to your customers is important for growing your customer base and building true brand advocates. Email represents the preferred method of communication for …

Luke Metcalfe | Jan 23, 2018