Paid Media

Paid Media has never been more complex.

The combination of cookie deprecation, AI bidding, and economic uncertainty creates unique challenges for modern marketers.

Crealytics agency services builds high-performing paid media campaigns that address privacy compliance and stay resilient to economic challenges.

Working with the world's fastest-growing digital brands has given us a proven recipe that helps retailers thrive and win.

Master measurement and understand incremental impact

Maximize first party data advantage to address privacy issues

Think long term, optimizing for customer growth vs. campaign efficiency

Maximize your performance marketing using the same formula as these digital leaders

Cookie deprecation is coming: Be prepared

The loss of the cookie and a changing privacy landscape means that marketers are feeling pressure from the removal of tracking data, targeting precision, and reporting capabilities

Crealytics’ proprietary Data Activation Engine uses retailers’ first party data to address the privacy challenge

Adaptable paid media campaigns that think long term

The post-pandemic economy forces eCommerce marketers to allocate their budgets more effectively and prove short- and long-term ROI.

Crealytics’ predictive CLV optimization focus on those that are new-to-file and will buy repeatedly

Media investment based on incrementality, not guesswork

Only incrementality testing and not attribution tells the story of the true effectiveness of your ad spend

Crealytics measures the incremental contribution of each marketing tactic and deploys your marketing dollars where they drive the most impact

Why is Crealytics an ideal match for my paid media business?

Retailers choose Crealytics for many reasons: To spark stagnant growth, increase profitability, expand internationally, relaunch a website, or challenge the status quo. Our clients benefit from 13 years+ of retail campaign expertise.

A proven track record running campaigns for digital champions, DTC natives, and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, including 17 out of the top Internet Retail 100 businesses

Joint business partnerships with all the major search engines and social media networks, including dedicated expert support, specialized platform training, and advanced beta access.

Over 200 retail experts, spanning campaign management, data science, business intelligence, product and technology, and strategic leadership.

Google won the bid management war. Now retailers can take the spoils with CLV-based advertising

Solutions that fits your needs

Paid Search

Unparalleled retail expertise and bespoke tech

Paid Social

Targeted, meaningful, and measured across Facebook, Snap, Tiktok

Programmatic Display

A retail-specific balance of creative and (data) science

Marketing Advertising

Reach new audiences on Amazon, Walmart, Target

iCLV Marketing Platform

Take action using present and future customer value

Incrementality Solutions

Precise impact measurements, across the customer journey

Creative Optimization

Creative that begs to be seen – and clicked on

Product Feed Management

The magic is the gritty, specific, unique product details

Performance Marketing Due Diligence

Not all customers are equal. Let's find the ones that matter most

Digital Transformation Services

Consulting practices to turn your legacy practice into a digital leader

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