Use Incrementality Testing & Customer Lifetime Value to properly assign spend, resources, and channel mix.


Understand how performance marketing channels contribute to bottom-line profitability. Use this information to allocate budgets to campaigns that will drive the greatest impact.

Measure Incrementality

Know the precise contribution each channel brings to your revenue and new customer growth through our disciplined, incrementality-driven measurement strategies.

Analyze Marketing Scenarios

Once we have full visibility into all relevant profitability metrics, we’ll help you calculate the impact of different marketing priorities and budget allocations.

A Data Strategy That Aligns With Business Goals

Working with your in-house teams ensures we can track order profitability, margins and new customers in our tool. We’ll then implement robust performance marketing plans to drive company growth and profits.


Deep insights into CLV and profitability at product level can improve paid-media placement, deliver product pricing intelligence, and boost inventory optimization.

ROAS is Only Half of the Equation

Knowing your campaign’s efficiency isn’t the same as knowing if it works. Looking at margin, new customers, and ultimately CLV, is key to ensuring campaign strategies align with business objectives.

Generate Margin-Rich Sales

It’s not just about getting more sales. It’s about getting maximum value out of each and every cart. We’ll help find profitable, frequent customers that drive high AOVs and greater lifetime value.