The State Of Retail Media in 2020

Crealytics & eTail Present: The State of Retail Media in 2020: B2C Brands Share Strategies and Expectations for Multi-Channel Marketing, Advertising and Sales

Retail Media holds increasing sway for brands. We interviewed 100 leading executives to get the inside-track on their decision making process, from current best practices to shifting wholesale, D2C and marketplace relationships. Beginning in the United States with targeted industry-leading companies, researchers interviewed Directors, VPs, and C-Suite executives in eCommerce, Digital Sales, Omni-channel Marketing, Merchandising, and Marketplace Analytics.

What will I learn from this download?

  • The preferred third-party platforms for brands when selling their products in 2020, and how these have changed over time.
  • Rationales behind brands’ move toward increased co-op advertising.
  • The different challenges associated with marketplace adoption.

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