We bake retail intelligence signals like Pricing Intelligence into every campaign through smarter Bid Management


Multiple factors affect your product bids. At Crealytics, we use machine-learning to determine the optimum bid for each product and apply those bid adjustments automatically.

S-curve Management

Product ad bids are elastic in a small value range. Our machine learning algorithms understand diminishing marginal returns and prevent overbidding.

Bid Modifiers

We ensure your campaigns are highly targeted and efficient. How? By adapting the structure to calculate and apply precise bid modifiers for devices, retargeting, audiences and more.

Customized Bid Strategies

Need something out of the ordinary? We can adjust the bid algorithm for products that need special promotion treatment, based on any criteria available programmatically.

KPIs That Matter

We can optimize your bids for eCommerce KPIs (like margins and new customers) or import attributed data straight from your single source of truth.


Competition and price are two of the most powerful underlying forces governing your ad visibility and click price. At Crealytics, we leverage these signals to drive margins by applying marketing budgets to the right products at the right time.

Comprehensive Competitor Monitoring

Crealytics monitors your competitor’s prices at SKU level. This provides you with detailed information on where you fit in the competitive landscape.

Price Optimization Suggestions

Using the competitive landscape and impression/conversion ratio, we’ll provide optimization recommendations on how to change under- or overpriced products.

Coordinates Sales Driving Levers

We use the perfect combination of price adjustments and advertising pressure to maximize your product margins, manage inventory turnover and increase profitability .

Speed Up Product Lifecycle

By leveraging current inventory turnover, stock levels and demand measurements we can determine which products would benefit from increased marketing activity.