Our machine learning platform aligns eCommerce goals with product ads to drive better performance and accelerate insights


Better than best practice. Our Product Advertising platform does the heavy lifting of campaign management and applies advanced optimization techniques to drive impact for your bottom line across all major product ad networks.

Semantic Segmentation

Keywords still matter. Benefit from semantic algorithms which run a high-performance campaign structure that leverages search intent for more precise bids.

S-curve Bid Management

Product ad bids are elastic in a small value range. Benefit from machine learning algorithms that understand diminishing marginal returns and prevent overbidding.

Feed Title Optimization

The product title is the new keyword. Benefit from semantically enriched product titles to get your product ads in front of more people.

Competitor Prices

Prices impact performance. Leverage competitor price signals in bid management and get directions on how to change under- or overpriced products.

Custom Bid Strategies

Complete campaign control. Benefit from directing the bid algorithm for products that need special promotion treatment.

The KPIs That Matter

Optimize and report on what matters. Benefit from tracking ecommerce KPIs like margins and new customers or import attributed data straight from your single source of truth.

Remarketing & Audiences

Highly targeted advertising. Benefit from optimizing bids for all the audiences and retargeting practices you’re used to.

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Focus on devices. Benefit from algorithms that adapt campaign structure to calculate and apply precise device modifiers.