Enhance the Monetization of your Site and Apps

Drive monetization growth with Crealytics’ Sponsored Products Ad Exchange by connecting with multiple demand sources and showing only highly relevant ads to in-market shoppers.

Sponsored Products Ad Exchange

Our end-to-end solution enables retailers to integrate multiple demand sources for native product ads on websites and apps. The Ad Exchange enhances ad relevancy and allows retailers to set centralized optimization goals. We ease the process of partnerships with Hooklogic, Mabaya, Spotfront, Google and any other PLA DSPs and ATD demand sources.

Revenue Growth

Increase revenue through more competition among demand sources, which will lead to improved relevance, ad fill rate and higher CPCs.

Simple Integration

Quick and easy integration steps. Choose between client-side integration and server-side integration options.


Advanced machine learning algorithms can optimize demand sources automatically by the criteria most important to retailers: Highest CTR, ad quality or conversions.

Enhance Ad Relevance

Integrate your own product recommendation system to ensure ads are always relevant, driving more conversions across your site.

Manage direct relationships

Our Private Marketplace offers further monetization opportunities by leveraging your direct relationships with top brands.

Reclaim Control

Decide which product categories are available for promotion. You have full control over when, where and what kind of ads to show.