Ready for Performance Marketing's New Era?

When it comes to performance advertising, too many retailers fixate on sub-standard metrics.

Plenty of them live and die by their revenue targets. But this focus on transactions means cheaper revenue sources – like low margin products and existing customers – get undue credit. So far, so bad.

Advanced AI only encourages this. The latest automation makes it even easier to excel at the status quo.

But you deserve more.

In a new era dominated by the same tools and goals, thinking outside the box has never been more important. 

Our latest guide gives you the inside track on succeeding in today’s market. From new customer-centric campaigns to testing the incrementality testing, we’ll show you how some of the world’s leading retailers approach performance advertising differently.

Scroll down for a sneak peak below. 

Master Incrementality Testing,
Master Your Biddable Media

Sub-channel testing:
Brands, Generics & Google Shopping

Google Smart Bidding doesn’t allow for audience modifiers, nor audience campaign splits. But geo-split testing can uncover the incremental revenue lost in areas where you switch off campaigns.

If fewer orders go out to the areas in which advertising stops, you know that the number of those lost orders represents the incremental revenue you’d drive by switching your campaigns back on.

In this sense, geo locations help you identify “perfect siblings” – audiences that normally behave similarly. A little tweaking helps reveal “missing” packages shipped in comparison to the sibling that still receives advertising.

Inter-channel testing:
Paid social and audiences

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