Retail Intelligence + Performance Platform

Let price competitiveness and inventory levels inform your advertising spend for better results

Integrated Approach

Break down silos between various channels and find the value in combining previously distinct data sets to drive more revenue and challenge the status quo

Drive Performance

Track customer lifetime value and profitability at the product level for improved paid media placement, intelligent product pricing, and better inventory management

Smart Optimization

Align ecommerce goals of new customer acquisition, CLV and margin tracking alongside paid search and shopping media spend in a way that is transparent, accountable, and integrated

Price and Inventory Integration

Leverage competitive price disparity and sell-through velocity at the SKU-level to inform product advertising bidding decisions for improved profitability and greater scale

Lifecycle Price Management

Compute price lifecycle elasticity models that recommend optimal prices based upon demand, competition, and historical performance

Business Modeling

Predict the impact of alternative marketing scenarios and target KPIs on short-term as well as long-term revenues and profitability

Product Advertising Platform

Crealytics’ AI-driven technology elevates performance and automates the heavy lifting associated with campaign and bid management across all major ad networks

Integrate Stock Levels

Using feed advertising systems, Crealytics can use stock levels to direct product ad investment so you remain focused on a single set of mutually beneficial and coordinated metrics

Smarter Pricing Strategies

Crealytics monitors high volume products for an overview on the competitive landscape and provides adjustment recommendations based on established KPIs


Integrated bidding strategies allow Crealytics to accelerate the performance metrics that matter: ROAS, CLV, and profit margin

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“Crealytics regularly surprises us with forward-thinking solutions. Their new way of working with Google Shopping is a great example.”
Andrew Berks
Director of Performance Marketing ASOS

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