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Acquire more high-margin, long-term customers

With retail budgets tightening, every marketing investment – including paid media – is under scrutiny. You need an agency partner who can help you increase order profit margins in the short term and grow a loyal customer base in the long term. 

Ecommerce champions we have supported

Go beyond day-to-day campaign
management and drive profit

Prioritize New, Profitable Customers

Hard truth: If you’re using AI bidding systems like Google Performance Max out-of-the-box, you are likely overspending on existing, low-value customers.

We’ll help you guide these algorithms with customer lifetime value (CLV) predictions to acquire more high-margin, long-term customers.

Understand How Your Ad Spend Impacts Profit

Data privacy regulations have forced marketers to move away from click-based attribution models that failed to show the true incremental impact of their campaigns.

We’ll help cut waste and reallocate budget towards channels and markets that drive incremental growth and long-term profitability.

Go Beyond Managing Campaigns To
Drive Business Results

Most agencies focus on improving operational efficiencies like bid management, accounting settings, ad creative and feed tracking.

We do all this too—but our real focus is helping you leverage margins, return rates, and new customer data to maximize profitability.

89% Client Retention Globally


Digital Marketing Expertise

Paid Search

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Display, Video, Programmatic

Scripting Automation

Feed Management

Creative Optimization

shifted spend to higher-value campaigns and drove +33%
profit margin +27% CLV gross profit.

“With better data activation, we have steered the bidding algorithm to closely align with our business goals. Optimising towards CLV has been a monumental change for New Look.”

Thomas CharlwoodPaid Search ManagerNew Look


Strengthen digital Direct-to-Consumer business by increasing profit margins and growing customer base.


Optimise performance campaigns for Customer Lifetime Value, rather than ROAS/revenue.


New Look partnered with Crealytics and leveraged its iCLV technology to build a predictive CLV model tailored to its business. Then, they activated this model in Google Ads with new conversion actions.

Why Work with Crealytics?

Collaborate with Retail

Unlock growth as you execute performance marketing campaigns with support from 200 retail professionals with 14+ years successful track record in eCommerce. Expertise spans campaign management, data science, business intelligence, product, technology and strategic leadership.

Feel Confident with Industry-Leading Strategy 

Get early access to closed betas, feature insights and programs through our exclusive partnerships with Platform partners, like Google, Microsoft, Meta and TikTok. 

Join the League of eCommerce Champions 

Join ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Foot Locker, and 60+ retailers across USA, Europe and Asia Pacific and find out how eCommerce champions drive profitable results, long-term.

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