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Streamline Your Paid Search
Campaigns With Crealytics'
Search Platform

End-to-end enterprise scale text ad management
that gets the most from your campaigns

CLV-centric bidding

Automation has changed bidding best practices. Crealytics’ data activated approach factors in external data sets to drive greater long-term value.
Channel Performance

Harmonized search intent

Create perfect keywords by exploiting years of machine-learned fine-tuning. We mine your product feed to generate thousands of hyper-relevant short-, mid- and long-tail iterations.
Market Performance

Rapid ad copy creation

Automate millions of ad copy variations and map them to assigned keywords.
Channel Performance

Synchronized landing pages

Rely on deep-linking feed integration to maximize landing page suitability.

The State Of Retail Media: Learnings from 100 Retail Brand Executives

We asked 100 brand executives for their perspectives on the future of Retail Media. This webinar breaks down the results, and explores how you can get the balance right between D2C, platforms and wholesale commitments. 

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