Crealytics Delivers Greater Automation, Revenue Growth For Foot Locker Europe

About the Retailer

Crealytics has supported Foot Locker’s European operations since 2015. In addition to aiding its key markets, we also run campaigns for its sister brands Runners Point and Sidestep. Since working with Crealytics, Foot Locker Europe (FLE) has experienced a number of successes in engaging with customers via search and shopping ads, from adopting a more data-driven bidding approach across a variety of markets to realizing significant Shopping growth using AI-driven automation.

Making the Complex Simple

In total, Crealytics relationship with FLE encompassed 11 separate markets – as well as its Runners Point Group and Side Step brands.

Diversity in terms of market size triggered a major challenge for FLE. How could Crealytics deliver substantial performance for mature, already-scaled markets while at the same time optimizing and growing smaller markets with only scarce data available? Its sister businesses brought similar challenges. Both for the Runners Point and Sidestep campaigns, Crealytics would need to balance spend and performance against a highly complex and fluctuating product portfolio.

Upon taking ownership of the accounts, Crealytics immediately provided a complete account restructure to support campaign localization. This immediately improved relevancy and CTR. To accommodate FLE’s ambitious product marketing strategy needs, Crealytics built a query-level strategy and vertical keywords expansion that allowed for increased investment in model-specific, longer-tail keywords (e.g. “Mens Nike Air Max White”) instead of relying on broader, non-brand terms. This approach provided more control of advertised products, especially in the case of fast-selling hype-release items. Crealytics also identified a highly relevant Shopping campaign structure based upon semantic intent to help grow revenue and improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Standing Out By Thinking Differently

The modern customer journey has become increasingly complex. As with other retailers, many of FLE’s shoppers navigate between Google and the website multiple times prior to conversion.

Crealytics prioritized FLE’s search business to ensure it received the necessary resources needed to optimize its customer journey. Examples of how we maximized FLE’s search and shopping revenues include:

A/B Tests Identify 30% Incremental Revenue from Search Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns offer a tempting method to convert hesitant customers. As a result, FLE used Remarketing Lists for Search Audience (RLSA) campaigns to convert customers. However, research shows that many of these customers return to the site and convert anyway. To ensure FLE wasted no advertising dollars, Crealytics conducted A/B tests on all RLSA activity in Search and Shopping.

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