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Most companies are looking for staff – we want partners for adventure. If you have a pioneering spirit, an open mind, and a passion for digital advertising, let’s have a conversation.

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Flexible workplace

Work in office, at home, or go Nomad!

Bleeding edge tech

Developed and built in-house

Modern office spaces

Berlin, New York City, Mumbai

Crealytics Academy

Our in-house professional and personal growth institute

Work/Life Balance

Our company socials are legendary

Bring Fido!

We love having our 4-legged account managers around...

What we are passionate about

Hear from the people who are making it happen at Crealytics

"As a data scientist I'm even more able to improve the theory into actually business solutions."

Mariana Furquim
Data Scientist

"I feel like we are the engine of the company because we built the infrastructure that everything is running on."

Mohamad Basel Zahid
Senior Operations Engineer

"It makes me feel accomplished when I see my team growing and developing professionally, that we grow together as a team."

Rosaria Alfano
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

We're a Great Place to Work

Crealytics has been recognized for its excellent company culture by the international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work. The institute’s certification program is based on independent, anonymous feedback from employees and an analysis of human resources activities and programs.

Crealytics' Values

Our staff works directly with some of the world’s largest brands to improve customer acquisition and site monetization. Last year we generated over three billion for our clients. At Crealytics, you’ll work alongside the most creative minds in the industry on some of the most challenging projects you’ve ever seen. Crealytics follows its core values.
“For Crealytics, diversity and inclusion is tied directly to innovation. The more viewpoints and perspectives we can combine, the greater our ability to solve customer and technical challenges. Our ethos from Day 1 has always been to include the best and brightest, regardless of background.”

Head of Human Resources

Be a Pioneer

There are no roads where we’re going. We blaze new trails by constantly challenging the status quo.

Make an Impact

We deliver outstanding results. By consistently overachieving and delivering true value, we keep clients coming back for more.

Sharpen the Saw

We believe in using machines to do the heavy lifting. By building automation to remove repetition, we free our minds to strive for ingenuity.

Be All In

We raise one another up and support each other with heart. Only when we work together, can we grow and find success for our clients and coworkers.

Unite the Best

Crealytics brings together unique and talented people from all over the world. Our diversity drives innovation.

Life at Crealytics

Looking for a great work environment? Join us. Our team works hard, but knows how to kick back and have fun. Create lasting memories on our awesome summer outings, enjoy our start-up vibe, and party with our office dog Karla. We offer extensive training, too. Our wide variety of workshops, upskilling seminars and management mentoring programs ensure your success. At Crealytics, you’ll work alongside the most creative minds in the industry on some of the most challenging projects you’ve ever seen.

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A week in our digital marketing team

We manage some of the coolest fashion brands in the biz. Intrigued?
Discover an average week in Digital Marketing.


We kick start our week by planning the roadmap for the next few days. We want to keep track of our great performance, so on Mondays we prepare vital client reports, too. Depending on the client, we either manage their accounts or provide consulting services on how to manage their digital footprint themselves. Communication skills are just as important as analytical ones!


At Crealytics there’s no shortage of roles to specialize in - from site monetization to paid social. The role of advanced automation has grown ever more important in Digital Marketing - so keeping one step ahead requires lots of workshops and training.


Our team enjoys meeting with clients located all over the world. In business reviews, we discuss campaign performance and uplift potential. They can be challenging, but they're always fun.


When it comes to team performance we welcome any discussion on how we might improve. We take personnel development very seriously, with a well-defined career path, regular feedback talks, and the opportunity to take part in more than 50 regularly offered training courses.


Crealytics often welcomes external specialists to its offices. From data scientists to entrepreneurs, hearing new insights helps us sharpen the saw. We celebrate another successful week by eating good food, stoking friendly rivalries in our office “playground” and visits to the drinks fridge.

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