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Catch up to Amazon with the industry’s first retail media SSP

40% of Amazon’s EBITDA comes from selling ads. Sponsored products are the #1 profit driver. Let’s explore why they are leading the game and how you can supercharge your sponsored products with Crealytics.

3 reasons why Amazon outperforms other retailers with their sponsored products

Trusted by the world's leading retailers

Close the gap to Amazon with the industry's first Retail Media Supply-Side Platform

Boost the CTR of your existing sponsored products

We are additive to your incumbent preferred retail media vendors. Our invisible tech layer integrates with your own AI-based on-site search and personalization to improve the relevancy of your sponsored products. Get the most out of your partners.

Expand your inventory and generate more paid clicks

Now, as your sponsored products are as relevant as your organic products you no longer have to limit the inventory. Easily transform existing organic listings into sponsored results, without ever changing your page layout. You could technically make your entire grid inventory.

Run your own auction and connect multiple demand partners

Leverage our API and our auction decisioning engine to make your sponsored products inventory available to third party demand partners. This way, you can easily monetize the long tail of brands and gain access to agency budgets.

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