Retail Media Site monetization

Retail Media Monetization

Build loyal and profitable vendor partnerships with Crealytics’ Sponsored Ads Solutions
Comprehensive Offering

Monetize all major channels

Support your brand partners’ eCommerce channel goals with a complete set of media formats.
  • From branding to performance

  • From onsite to offsite

  • From standards to interactive formats

Sponsored Products: Turn up to 100% into ad inventory
Display: Offer banners that attract clicks and deliver sales
Spotlight: Integrate premium placements into the search bar
Effective Workflows

Simplify with a single point of contact

Make communication easy for your brand partners by offering them a single point of contact across all channels and campaigns.
  • Sales, planning and execution

  • Consolidated reporting across all channels

  • Ad hoc specialized reports

Special Ad Formats

Delight with bespoke curation

The web is made for interaction. Leverage specialized formats that curate your best brand partners’ offering and guide customers through a better user experience.
  • Offer unique formats to your best brands

  • Increase shopper engagement

  • Boost conversion rates & basket values

Example: A manufacturer helps users to find the right PC
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with this team for many years. Their holistic approach towards retail media has helped us increase product relevancy, improve UX, add new marketing channels and rapidly grow paid media revenue.”

Marco Steinsieck

eCommerce & Site Monetization, Staples


All of our ad-tech is tailored to eCommerce environments.
We offer a simple, three-step onboarding process that makes tech integration fast and safe.
  • Onsite Display
  • Offsite Display

Onsite Display

Apply a specialized ad server adapted to Retail Media and sell premium ad inventory.
  • Large-scale

  • Unique forecasting capabilities

  • Built for Retail Media


Offsite Display

Add premium off-site Display inventory to your retail media catalogue – from prospecting to retargeting
  • Access to premium inventory

  • Superior targeting capabilities

  • Branding safety features


Unified Dashboard

Gain your brand partners’ trust with the transparency they deserve.
  • Unified reports across all Retail Media channels

  • Flexible attribution to support partner needs

  • Automation with customizable export options

“Easy integration, super-fast response times and scalability – Crealytics has set a new standard for Sponsored Products technologies.”

Jason Ordway

Chief Technology Officer, Slice

“Sponsored Products on steroids: Monetize more inventory and still improve the user experience of your website!”

Nathaniel Brogadir

Chief Business Officer,

Managed Services

Technology matters when growing a media business. So does the ability to execute on a range of new jobs – from bespoke campaign ideas to media sales and ad ops.

Crealytics’ Managed Services represent a hands-on accelerator. Pick up speed and establish your media powerhouse even faster – with proven industry experts at your side.

End-to-End Sales

Get a seasoned salesforce and the processes to grow your best partner relations.

  • Uncover media sales opportunities with your category managers

  • Pitch & sell attractive media packages

  • Expand partner relationships over time


Marketing & Events

Scale your retail media program beyond your best partners. Seek growth by tasking Crealytics with a bespoke marketing approach.
  • Digital marketing

  • Print materials & case studies

  • Dedicated brand partner events


Ad ops & Data Science

Put your day-to-day ad ops on autopilot, from forecast to campaign execution and ad hoc reporting.
  • Experienced campaign managers

  • Efficient workflows tailored for retail

  • Data scientists to answer complex questions

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