Crealytics Sets New Standards in Marketing Metrics with iCLV Measurement Platform

In the face of cookie deprecation and measurement challenges, Crealytics has just launched the next evolution of the iCLV Measurement Platform. For eCommerce teams who are tired of spotty customer journey tracking and dubious attribution, the platform calibrates media mix modeling and multi-touch attribution with geo-based incrementality tests, to help marketers measure the true impact of their media investment.

New York, NY – March 7, 2024 –  Crealytics, a leading adtech firm in the retail media and performance marketing industry announced the next evolution of its iCLV Measurement Platform today. iCLV combines incrementality testing, marketing mix modeling, and multi-touch attribution to deliver accurate, privacy-compliant media performance insights. 

In an era where cookies are being phased out and traditional measurement approaches are increasingly unreliable, the iCLV platform enables retailers to activate first-party data to optimize ad bidding, allocate media budgets and understand the true sales impact of their marketing efforts – all within a single integrated solution. 

“Retailers have been flying blind when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of their paid media,” said Andreas Reiffen, Founder and CEO of Crealytics. “With the iCLV Measurement Platform, we offer a clear line of sight into which marketing activities are truly driving incremental sales, so they can stop wasting ad dollars and start investing in the right channels, tactics, and customer acquisition approaches.” 

To overcome the flaws of legacy attribution models, the iCLV platform leverages advanced techniques like geo-based incrementality testing to isolate the causal impact of marketing efforts. Its marketing mix models and multi-touch attribution models are calibrated with real-world incrementality data, rather than assumptions.  

“The Crealytics iCLV Measurement Platform blends incrementality tests, MMM and MTA in one product. Triangulating these measurement techniques is the gold standard of future-proof marketing measurement and will help businesses better understand the impact of their media investment,” said Andrew Covato, Founder Growth by Science. Formerly at Snap, Netflix, Meta, Google. 

“The future of marketing analytics is about combining multiple measurement methodologies into a unified, omnichannel view,” said Sarah Richter, Director of Measurement Solutions at Crealytics. “With the iCLV platform, we’re empowering retailers to see the full picture of their marketing performance, from incrementality tests on the ground up to top-line business results. No more relying on Frankenstein solutions – our integrated platform is a single source of marketing truth.” 

Key benefits of the iCLV Measurement Platform include:

  • iLift: Understand true sales lift through geo-based incrementality tests 
  • iMMM: Cross-channel insights via incrementality-calibrated marketing mix models 
  • iMTA: Granular multi-touch attribution powered by incrementality tests
  • iActivate: Privacy-safe activation of CRM data to improve algorithmic media buying
  • Built for the cookieless world, with no reliance on third-party tracking pixels

The platform has already helped leading retailers boost returns on ad spend through more accurate measurement and optimization.  

For more information on the iCLV Measurement Platform, visit /iclv-measurement-platform/

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