Measure the True Impact of your Media. Accurate and Privacy-Proof.


Making informed marketing decisions is only going to become more difficult

Challenges with Traditional Measurement

Last click and MTA yield misleading conclusions, causing budget misallocation
across channels.

Privacy Restriction & Loss of Cookies

With the phasing out
of cookies and IDFA, accurate measurement becomes even more challenging.

Reliance on AI-based Bidding Systems

You may be feeding AI with the wrong data which leads to poor performance in the respective channels.

The Incremental Customer Lifetime Value (iCLV) Platform is a complete measurement and media activation solution that will drive immediate results for your eCommerce business.

Privacy-friendly, Cookie-less Measurement

Measure the true impact of your ads in one platform, combining the power of tests, MMM and MTA. No need for cookies or pixels.

Prove the Value of Your Ad Spend

Don’t optimize purely on past-revenue data. Measurement with incrementality at the core helps you understand which ads cause conversions.

Allocate Your Media Budget Efficiently

Maximize sales with access to causality insights that help determine the most impactful media mix.

Media Optimization Built for Smart eCommerce and Retail Marketers

End-to-end Measurement and Optimization

The iCLV Measurement Platform combines the benefits of incrementality tests, MMM and MTA in one solution​.

  • Leverage predictive intelligence to steer Google and Meta’s AI bidding systems
  • Get budget allocation recommendations

  • Adjust your media plan with confidence 

Fueling the Growth of Retail Champions Since 2008

For over 15 years, Crealytics has been helping leading eCommerce and retail companies optimize their media spend.

  • Global team of marketing data scientists and additional business intelligence specialists​

  • Helped retailers unlock over $500M in additional profit

Our Methodology

The iCLV Measurement Platform is rooted in incrementality and triangulates the following methodologies:

  • Incrementality Testing: We use geo-experiments with synthetic control to assess the true incremental lift of your channels.

  • Marketing Mix Model (MMM): Our MMM uses Bayesian time-series regression and Adstock to obtain accurate channel attribution insights.

  • Multi-Touch-Attribution: We use MTA to assign credit down to the campaign-level based on the results of our incrementality-calibrated MMM.​

The iCLV Measurement Platform combines the power of GeoLift Tests, MMM, MTA to help you make more informed budget decisions

iLift: GeoLift Tests

GeoLift Tests are the gold standard of hold-out tests to understand true sales lift. Test results inform and calibrate our MMM.

100% GDPR compliant

Statistically accurate

Channel-level granularity

iMMM: Incrementality-based Marketing Mix Modelling

Get instant cross-channel insights calibrated by geo-experiments. Combine the accuracy of incrementality tests with the ease of running MMM.

Cookie-free & privacy-friendly

Flexible data input and output

Mature & proven models

iMTA: Incrementality-based
Multi-Touch Attribution

Standard MTA is highly impacted and biased by low-quality customer journey data, making it impossible to get a clear view on true campaign performance. Our iMTA adds an incrementality layer to unlock real campaign performance.

Correct the shortcomings of standard MTA and spotty customer journey tracking

Reflect true marketing performance on campaign level 

Unlock hidden growth potential

iActivate: Margins, Returns & Predictive CLV

In real-time, our iCLV uses machine-learning predictive customer lifetime value to compute user-level incrementality directly in biddable media.

Acquire and retain high-value new customers for sustainable growth

Focus on high-profit low-return products

Leverage first-party data to help Meta, Google and MSA to understand what really matters

“The Crealytics iCLV Measurement Platform blends incrementality tests, MMM and MTA in one product. Triangulating these measurement techniques is the gold standard of future-proof marketing measurement and will help businesses better understand the impact of their media investment.”