Effective Performance Advertising 3/4 : Measuring Revenue, Profit and ROI

Crealytics’ latest Effective PPC video has arrived. This series reveals game-changing perspectives on PPC advertising…in just a few minutes! Today’s video discusses revenue, short-term profit and ROI optimization.
Online retailers care deeply about the profit from any given order. Different factors influence the value of each conversion for your business: category margins, discounts and advertising costs.
But in Performance Advertising today, best practice is to only measure revenue. Our latest Espresso Shot video explains why this approach is more flawed than you think. It also elaborates on why ROI and Profit are better suited than Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for assessing – and optimizing – the short-term business impact of advertising campaigns.

In our next video, we’ll how you how Customer Lifetime Value helps you optimize campaigns for long-term profit.
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