Triangulation: How To Master Your Marketing Measurement And Maximize ROI



Former Global CMO, Rocket Internet & Chief Growth Officer, HelloFresh USA


Head of Data Science, Crealytics

Download the presentation of the webinar here.

What You’ll Learn in the Session

Is a single source of truth in marketing a sheer fantasy or a feasible reality? Digital media platforms operate as siloed walled gardens, each with its own measurement methodology. 

On the other hand, privacy shifts make understanding marketing ROI a harder-than-ever challenge. By Q3 2024, the deprecation of third-party cookies and 75% of users opting out of app tracking will impact $600 billion in digital ad spending.  

This demands a new marketing measurement approach.  

Triangulation—combining Incrementality Testing, Marketing Mix Modeling, and Multi-Touch Attribution—offers a solution.  

Mastering this comprehensive approach will equip marketers to navigate complexities and drive sustainable growth in a world of scarce user-level data.

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