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Does Close Variant Matching for Exact Matches Really Deliver Lower CR?


Back in September 2014, Google made close variant matching (CVM) a mandatory, default setting for phrase and exact matches, pushing them into auctions for close variants like misspellings or plurals.

However, critical voices have raised that the new close variant match type is not performing as good as the true match type, speaking of more than 50% drop in conversion rates. As a consequence, many advertisers fear that there will be less control over bidding due to an increased volume of waste-traffic that they can’t control. This prompts them to use scripts, which categorise all misspelled variants as negative keywords. 

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How to Keep Costs Down in Your Brand Account


Placing Google Ads for your own brand name is a good idea for several reasons: first of all, it raises the visibility of your brand above the organic search results. Here, Google Ads have the advantage of being highly customizable and well-suited to users’ search terms. Secondly, advertisers generally bid on ads for their own brands in a “competition-free” environment. This means that conversion rates in this segment are significantly higher than generics, and CPCs – due to the lack of competition- are much lower.

However, as soon as the keyword coverage in your brand’s account grows to include keywords beyond the [exact] match type for your brand name, two things happen: the potential search volume for your account increases, but you increasingly move away from that “competition-free“ bidding environment. By including keywords that overlap with those of your competitors, you run the risk of squandering your profitability advantage (a high click rate and low CPCs) due to an exaggerated increase in CPCs. In this article, I’ll introduce some optimisation measures which can maximize the profitability of your brand’s account. 

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AdWords Script: New Keyword Suggestions Based on Shopping Search Terms

MCC AdWords Script

Google Shopping is enjoying more and more popularity, and it can also be useful for classic text ad campaigns: The valuable search queries that Shopping provides can be used to profitably develop text ad campaigns. Unfortunately, it still requires a considerable amount of manual effort to determine which Shopping search queries should be included in text ad campaigns.

For this reason, we’ve developed an MCC-level AdWords script which allows users to regularly search up to 25 accounts for valuable search queries from Shopping campaigns and check these against existing keywords in their text ad accounts. The necessary settings for each account can be adjusted using a simple Google Spreadsheet.

Today, I’d like to introduce this script and make it available to you.

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