Performance Marketing Opportunity Audit

Are you winning loyal new customers? Or are you wasting ad budget on existing customers who would buy anyway?

Our three week Opportunity Audit will shed light on true profitability and growth potential in your performance marketing.

Soon we’ll say goodbye to third-party cookies and enter a world with GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and AI-based bidding systems. Are you ready for it?

Face Reality

Understand how your paid media investment pays off

Unlock Potential

Gain visibility on the profitability you can unlock

Propose Actions

Get an actionable plan to drive profitable growth

Ecommerce champions we have supported

Who can benefit from our Performance Marketing Opportunity Audit


Management Consulting

Gain full ROI transparency: Using Crealytics data-driven approach in combination with modern analytics for full visibility into ROI.

Gauge uplift: Assess clients’ performance marketing ROI to determine how much uplift they can unlock, both short-term and long-term.

Amplify your value proposition to clients: By adding our performance marketing opportunity audit to your consulting toolkit, you can better solve clients’ growth challenges and accelerate marketing transformation.

Follow-up opportunity: Help your clients implement the recommendations.


Private Equity

Deal teams

Pre-investment intelligence: Gain a better understanding of performance marketing capability and growth potential before investing in an eCommerce business.

Efficiency: Speed up the turnaround of your fund’s dynamic Performance Marketing Opportunity Audit process.

Operating Partners

Forecast marketing ROI: Assess how much additional performance marketing ROI your portfolio company can unlock during the holding period, after your investment.

Accelerate value creation: Understand if a business is spending its ad budget wisely and get an actionable plan to maximize profitability.


Senior Leadership

Assess where you stand in comparison with others: Our Performance Marketing Opportunity Audit uses benchmarks based on 13+ years of retail experience.

Identify and quantify untapped ROI potential: Get a detailed understanding of the current performance marketing effectiveness and growth potential in three weeks.

Get actionable recommendations and boost your marketing ROI: We deliver an actionable plan that includes quick wins and strategic growth opportunities.

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