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Join Crealytics and Sur La Table’s Alison Dreiblatt (General Manager, eCommerce & Digital Marketing) as we explore how they achieved this transformation. You’ll learn how to overcome major growth challenges in 2021

Alison Dreiblatt

General Manager, eCommerce & Digital Marketing,
Sur La Table

Andreas Reiffen

Founder & CEO, Crealytics

CLV-centric Advertising: Customer Centricity, Corporate Valuation, and eCommerce Acquisition

Join Crealytics and Theta Equity Partners for a deep-dive on customer centricity and eCommerce acquisition.

Peter Fader

Professor of Marketing Wharton School
Co-founder, Theta Equity Partners

Daniel McCarthy

Co-Founder, Theta Equity Partners
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Emory University

Andreas Reiffen

Founder & CEO, Crealytics

Inside the black box

Excel your biddable media strategy with industry-leading perspectives.

NY KNowGo's Retail media Masterclasses

Excel your biddable media strategy with industry-leading perspectives.

Push and Pull: Crafting a full funnel Retail Media brand strategy

Brands face many tough eCommerce decisions. Retail Media offers huge potential, but getting it wrong makes for a frustrating, unprofitable, wasted efforts.

Achieving Perfect Zen: Balancing retailer profits alongside brand ROI, & user experience

How should retailers approach Retail Media? This 60-minute masterclass gives you the answers.

The State of Retail Media: What Does The Near Future Hold?

Retail Media excites brands and retailers. But how will it hold up five years from now?

PAst Webinars

The End of Attribution – Why Incrementality Testing Offers Better Results

The Case For CLV-Centric Advertising: Mastering Data Activation

Google Smart Bidding – it’s even more about data

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