CLV Platform

Activate Customer Lifetime Value
With Crealytics' CLV Platform

Improve and report on CLV through a single,
centralized dashboard

Channel Overview

Understand the value of every customer

Measure, predict and act on the value of your customer segments, from the eager loyalists to the spontaneous bargain shoppers.
Channel Performance

Calculate exact transactional contribution

Gain an understanding of each paid media transaction, including margin contribution after returns, shipping, and other COGS.
Market Performance

Align marketing investment with channel value

Activate each click’s true value across your paid search, social and programmatic channels. Our channel-agnostic service ensures your budget aligns with returns.
Channel Performance

Win over stakeholders

Build internal consensus with detailed predictive analysis on customer lifetime value, margin contribution, and concise, incrementality-led paid media attribution.

Google won the bid management war. Now retailers can take the spoils with a CLV-based advertising approach

Learn how Crealytics adapted Google Ads to increase New Customers 59% and drive margin 9% – all at 19% lower cost

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